♥ a really good day practicing Karezza

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What a sensational day so far.

We had a session of PIV towards the end of the day, second day in a row. Lasted longer than ever, about 35 minutes. My erections came and went and it was all fine.

She said it was better on an empty stomach (Dr. Bass had that right for SURE) and then she decided she was hungry and we snuggled a bit, plugged in for a few more minutes and then got up to make dinner.

And we really talked about stuff.

♥ - Bringing heart energy into consciousness

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I notice incredible heart energy present at times in my dream / lucid dream state. I say heart because I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s linked to sexual energy but not inherently sexual. I interact in ways that I’m not sure my conscious being could actually execute. The energy seems to morph the interactions in a fluid dance. Hesitancy or doubt of any form is gone. Vulnerability is absolute. Love is pure. Each step reinvigorates the process as if tiring is impossible. When I get into this world, I often don’t want to get out of bed because that will end the magic.

♥ (When?) Will she feel the same about me as I feel about her?

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Here's my simple question. I am absolutely crazy about Sparkles since we've been snuggling every day and I've gotten free from orgasm.

Will she feel that way about me?

I don't think she quite does.

She told me "I always feel close to you. Maybe I feel a little closer now" (since we've been doing these bonding behaviors stuff.)

Not that it really matters but I would love it if she begins to have the types of feelings I do these days.

So you Karezzites who have been in committed relationships for awhile...will she or won't she?

Thank you!

♥ this bonding stuff works

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Last night we had a cuddling session and I heated it up a bit. This led to PIV and I didn't orgasm but Sparkles had a very quiet small orgasm that kinda crept up on her. Intercourse lasted about 15 minutes.

I almost came but resisted which wasn't difficult actually. I whispered to her that I was ready to go over the edge and I think she slowed down and it was subtle movements anyway. She came strictly from vaginal contact as there was no clitoral stimulation.

♥ Onto a new path with one little but heavy bit of baggage

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Perhaps I should introduce myself and how I ended up on this path. I am a single mother approaching 40 and after many passion cycles, long periods of sexless loving, breaking up with generally wonderful people, going through the subsequent confusion and pain, and ending up with a child (no, I don't regret that!) and an ever expanding 'what I want in a new partner list', I felt dumbfounded.

♥Single parenting and courting towards Karezza

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Are there any single parents out there wanting to start or are already in a new relationship practicing bonding-based sex or Karezza? I'm starting this blog to invite some ideas and explore some questions I have (and maybe you have) as a single parent wanting to find a partner that wants to practice Karezza.

How do you find someone who wants to experiment with the exchanges when just the commitment to that experiment (if you follow the 'sleeping together every night' suggestion) also requires commitment to being part of a family?
How do you manage a longer period of courtship?

♥Question About Karezza

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Been contemplating about trying Karezza for a minute or at least after I'm done with this reboot thing or wateva because I personally just don't like the feelings i get after an orgasm ... Now the problem is i feel karezza is sumthin u can only introduce with a girlfriend or someone that u have an intimate relationship with IMO ...so my question is can i still have sex like i regularly do and just stop myself wen I'm about to orgasm? And if i do this wont a female think im weird? Or maybe would i have to fake an orgasm?

♥ Okay, a little frustrated

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I arrived home from a business trip and tonight we cuddled.

After awhile, Sparkles asked if I wanted to penetrate. I said, did she want me to. She said, "you don't understand, I don't have the drive you have."

I said, I didn't want to do that if she didn't want to, and why was she asking if I wanted to.

"Because you want to"

"No, I don't want intercourse with you unless you want it," I said. "I want to be welcomed in."

"You don't understand. I don't have the powerful drive you do."

♥ Karezza, wow wow wow, sudden deep contact

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Okay, we've been snuggling and cuddling each day and each night, I would say 30 minutes to an hour. I have been leaving things to her and not being needy or pressuring in any way I am aware of.

So this morning Sparkles and I were snuggling and I felt a very close connection. And after about 30 minutes or so, I said, can I plug in, and she said yes. I just whispered to her a suggestion to give presence to her vagina and it was an amazing experience for me.

♥ Twenty four

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It's been a while since I posted. Progress is slow. Unlike most people who try Karezza, and take to it like a duck to water, I - we - seem to be stuck in the slow lane. However, one thing has changed. Little by little, I'm losing interest in having orgasms. Initially, every Karezza encounter I had found me split down the middle, my better self struggling with my lizard for control.