♥Can a woman's libido be restored?

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Christine and I are in our mid-sixties. Our sex life varied between good and great for almost forty years. But about four years ago, she totally lost her libido and intercourse is painful for her. So we became celibate and I entered the world of solitary porn/masturbation/orgasm. About a month ago, I discovered this site and immediately dropped the porn and our relationship has improved dramatically in most every way. Our love has been rekindled and we have fantastic bonding sessions. But the sex is limited to her giving me hand-jobs -- short of ejaculation.

♥Bringing an old article to the surface

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For the last few days, I've been following Karezza bread crumb trails through the internet - sometimes running into pages or articles which on the surface appear to be in English, but for the life of me, I can't translate them into something my brain understands! But I kept looking, and one search lead to another, of course, I ended up right back here - at a post that had the answer. (The question really was "how long does this take?"!) Oddly enough, the advanced searches here couldn't find it - but Google did. It's also almost exactly 5 years old...

♥One Year of Karezza

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I found this site about 15 months ago. In this time, the following changes have occured in my marriage and my life:

  1. My wife and I resumed having sexual intercourse after 4 plus years of celibate marriage
  2. I have not masturbated in almost one year. For many months before that, I did it ritually and maybe once per month in a misguided belief that the pipes needed to be cleaned. I have absolutely no desire to masturbate.
  3. I have not ejaculated in 7 months. I no longer have any desire to ejaculate, even if I get overheated during intercourse.

♥karezza tao tantra

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Hi everybody,
I have come across this web recently and as I and my husband in 33-years-long marriage do tao sex in the last couple of years, I would like to share our experience. We repaired our marriage thanks to this way of soft and caring sex and started our way of transformation. Problems haven´t disappear but life is real, here and now, and our souls are dancing in Light.

♥Is sex necessary? (old thread)

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A wonderful goddess and I have been corresponding since she first showed up on Reuniting some months ago. We just spent an AWESOME, WONDERFUL two weeks together sharing bonding behaviors over the Christmas - New Year holidays. We agreed beforehand to not have any sort of intercourse, and we stuck with that plan.

♥Internal Orgasm (old thread)

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I am interested in hearing from anyone who has actually experienced an internal, rather than external orgasm.

I've been able to bring my orgasmic awareness into more parts of my body, and have experienced the valley orgasm of many waves of high orgasmic bliss, but I have not experienced actually bringing the orgasm into the central channel in such a way that the energy does not leak out again.

♥What about male infant circumcision? (old thread)

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I was talking with my sister the other day about her decision to NOT have her new baby boy circumcised. I had never really given this issue much thought, but after speaking with my sister I immediately went online and read a few articles about the potential psychological, emotional, and sexual damages that can result from this practice.