♥Uhhh kundalini awakening?

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Does anyone know about kundalini awakening or syndrome?

I have been experiencing this really intrusive warmth and tension and weird awareness on the back of my head and neck on and off for a couple of days. It's not pleasant and it interrupts my sleep, but as long as it's harmless, I can deal. I don't know if I should go get my brain scanned or not.

It goes down my spine some and occasionally gets more intense and radiates into my face.

♥Had some sex, yay

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I finally broke my dry spell and had some freakin sex.

There were two guys pursuing me recently, Noah and Ethan (names changed).

I was more attracted to Noah, and he was curious about the sacred sex stuff I was talking about, so I ended up hooking up with him last week. He said he was down with letting me guide him towards a karezza-like flow, but it didn't work in practice. We had a slow pace for like... 10 minutes, until he got super turned on and hijacked the flow with regular fucking. Oh well.

♥Transmutation; Day 6/19/7

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I usually talk about transmuting with a couple people on this site, but I never made a blog about it. From what I understand, transmutation is the art of taking sexual energy and harnessing it, and using it for other things like, academics or athletic reasons. Pretty much saying, that when one gets horny, they take all that energy and try to convert it (mentally) to do something more productive. There is an old book about it, by a guy named napoleon.

♥"Puppy Love" Vs PMO

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I was thinking back to my younger years when I would get "puppy love" and I really do miss those feelings. It seems when you start to PMO it just destroys ever having those feelings again because when you see someone you like, you just think about them lustfully. I think some of the elements of puppy love stick around but for the most part if your into PMO and have been for a while the lust part of your desire for that person will be in full effect as well. Its funny I think even as late as my early 20s (im in my early 30s now) I would still have puppy love.

♥Day 0- 1572

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Ok. This is my first stab at blogging. I've started at day 1572 (today) because that's about how long (4 years and 16 weeks) I've been exploring Marnia's ideas and inviting others to explore it with me. Finding a partner to do even 3 weeks of the non-sexual Exchanges is something that I have not yet been able to create. (This part of the Exchanges is important to me due to its potential effect on healing the effects of early childhood bonding trauma.) I'm looking forward to connecting with other members of this on-line community.

♥Austin Karezza Folk - Here's your chance to talk turkey, even after Thanksgiving

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Sorry...couldn't resist the corny humor. [skepti]

Our own Darryl and Annabelle are going to be the guest "karezza couple" via video Skype at this gathering of the Austin Karezza Discovery Group. If you're in Austin, you may want to join the gathering on December 7 at 7 PM.

For more: http://www.meetup.com/Karezza-Discovery-Group/events/40696792/