♥SEX ON TUESDAY: An orgasmic rollercoaster

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OK, this surprised me. A woman actually acknowledging a noticeable neurochemical shift after orgasm.

By Soojin Chang | Columnist

I left his house Sunday morning in a daze. I was physically exhausted, and the inevitable migraine was looming, but the rays of sunlight and cool breeze from the pier perpetuated my high.

♥My first post: bonding, passion, drama, dysfunction, peace, desire (long story)

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Note from Marnia. I decided to add a ♥ because this strikes me more as a relationship post than a recovery post...not that the two are always separate.

I thought I'd share a small part of my story as a way of introduction. I didnt really feeling comfortable jumping onto another post and had no idea where to put it, so please move it if its not in a good spot.

My first introduction to bonding behaviours really began with my first (and, so far, only) deep connection. Lets call her Star.

♥frustration, no sexual energy. (female, not a porn post)

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Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but the truth is I need help and don't know where to find it...
I think the easiest would be to tell my sexual history to bring you more understanding of my very unconfortable situation.

I have been sexual very young, starting everyday masturbation around 8 and frequent intercourse at 13, and have abused my body with giving it to anyone i thought would bring me love in return, with disastrous consequences in my self esteem and a lot of too speedy, unloving sex all my life.

♥Day 22 - Negativity and Concerns

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I'm not feeling good today. I'm not sure why.

I have the same feeling of being in a "trance" that I'd get after watching pornography, where it's like I'm unaffected by everything around me... disassociated. I feel like a "blank stare," and have a lack of inner coherance. It's not nice! The last time I felt like this was after my last relapse, 22 days ago, when I joined the forum. Have any of you guys felt like this?

I've had a lot of negativity going through me. Anger (rage). Confusion. Worry. Paranoia. Feelings of hate and blame towards the world.

♥Introduction - Day 11 :) (tried Karezza)

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I've been watching porn and masturbating since I was 14. I'm now 25. Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties, I'd masturbate to porn on a daily basis. Sometimes I'd PMO more then once a day - sometimes up to four times in a day. Writing this, I realize just how much that is! For about 10 years, the same, everyday. No wonder I'm addicted!

♥How do you keep karezza "warm" so it doesn't get too "hot?"

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(tornfromabook) We like to take deep breaths together when we stop moving. And sometimes there is a little giggling. Smile

(wfk007) Practice, practice, practice. It took us a few times to really start to get it. After a while there are things that happen in karezza that are better than orgasm—which is a good incentive. There is an energy transfer that can be amazing. There is also a relaxation response I get sometimes which is better than meditation. But that has come from practicing (and what a terrible thing to have to do, lay naked with a beautiful women!)