♥Couples journey

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I am part of a couple and we've been together for six years. We live together half the week and I work in a different city three days a week. I read Cupid's Poisoned Arrow lat October and it resonated with me so much that I began experimenting with being non-orgasmic. I noticed that I had more energy milder mood swings and no more vaginal infections. My partner,although curious about the bonding exercises wanted no part of being non-orgasmic. We decided we would still have traditional sex but he would come outside of me and masturbate.

♥ Twenty three

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I"m intrigued by the variety of Karezza posters at Reuniting. There are those established couples who use this way of making love to get closer, scale new heights of mutual pleasure, and become ever younger and healthier during the process. There are equally established couples who are sadly divided between one who would like to do the same and the other who expresses no interest. Then, there are the younger couples, starting out in a way I would have found incomprehensible at their age. Finally, there are innumerable singles, pining for a partner to try Karezza with.

Life (and sex) after baby! ♥

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Mrs. Torn here...

Our little boy is now 12 days old. I have been experiencing an extreme amount of hormonal changes in this time, and my husband has been along for the ride as well! The birth itself was... incredible. I gave birth at home, 100% naturally, on our bed. The intensity was incredible but I'd say pain was only about 15% of the total experience... the rest was this wild trip, much like being on mushrooms or something similar, in which time did not exist and all was made of vibrating, golden energy. Simply divine.

♥ Unusual tip for finding a lover

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From this little article:


"If you want to find a lover, limit your choices. It turns out that the more options you have for choosing a lover, the more likely it is you will end up all alone."

"The takeaway: People are more likely to choose no one at all when faced with greater variety."

♥Karezzers! Please Help! Lonely Hearts Club Member -- Intense Karezza Question...

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I found this site because I've always been interested in Karezza. I liked the idea of just caressing and not having an orgasm. I always felt so depleted after orgasms, and I always liked the gentle caressing and making out better.

I was astounded to also discover right here on this site the real reason I had been experiencing ED and libido issues for a year or two. So I decided to do a full reboot. I have gone for a little over three months strictly avoiding any stimulating videos, literature, images, and completely avoiding masturbation and orgasm.

♥Day 5 - The Challenge of Karezza

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Well last night it hit me. Just how hard this karezza thing is going to be. I think I've been so focused on abstaining from PMO that I haven't really put much thought into how challenging karezza is going to be. It hit me at some point last night when there was a beautiful woman on my lap, making out with me in a car. Jill and I went to see "Midnight in Paris". In the beginning of the movie I reached over and took her hand. At first we were just holding hands with our thumbs kind of dancing around with each other.