♥The Boat and the Pilot … and the Passenger

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Once there was a boy who owned a fine boat. The boat was able to sail great distances and could navigate the most difficult waters, under the hand of a skilled pilot. The boy worked very hard to develop his skills and became very good sailing the waters of Bon Secour. One day he saw a beautiful girl and arranged a meeting with her. He fell in love and asked her to come live with him on his boat. She fell in love with him, too, and soon the two were living together happily.

♥new to all this, maybe it has something to do with why i cant break up with my partner?

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I just came across this website after these few days I had of overpowering sexual energy and desire, resulting in lots of orgasms... I thought "this is crazy, I can't keep doing this! there's gotta be something better I can do with this energy !" and googled "transforming sexual energy into spiritual energy" and ended up here. I have ordered the book and am looking forward to reading it. I have also loved reading everyone's experiences and would like to say thank you for your honesty.

♥Paradox of advocating a new kind of sex, yet also abstinence from orgasm

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Isn't it kind of interesting that in order to enjoy Karezza one has abstain from orgasm for awhile? Yet Karezza is a form of sex. People want to be "sex positive" yet in this sense if one wants a balanced brain we have to quit orgasms. It's hard to reconcile sometimes in my brain, which often gets in the way of what's good for me. This is a paradox of sorts that in order to get the most out of this great human experience one has to go without.

♥Karezza, the "robe", and eyeballs burning through the back of my head

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Figured that title would grab everyone's attention.

Our karezza experimenting has become an official habit and is really wonderful. What really helped things was a terry cloth robe my wife bought. She likes to be warm as night, but the robe allows, err, easy access to touching varying parts of her. As we have done more non-performance related stuff, I have had a greater desire to touch, hug, and just relax next to my wife. The robe has been a big hit.

♥Why I don't miss orgasmic sex

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(Darryl) You ask what our process was when we chose to do karezza. Well, I was the one who started the process when I stumbled across some Taoist information recommending a non-orgasmic approach. I was struck by it right off, and although I had challenges mastering ejaculation control in the beginning I did not have trouble seeing how much better our lovemaking was without orgasm.