Advice to young guys experimenting with karezza

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I need to know how you do it bro, your exact technique!! I presume that you just satisfy her without your penis first, and then move onto some karezza after, keeping you both happy? Also do you always get that lovely oxytocin cuddly warm buzz when you practice ? Its the best feeling in the world!

♥Does karezza increase sexual responsiveness?

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(Rachel) The other night I was lying next to my lover with my head on his chest and I was just lightly caressing his penis with my fingertips as I love to do. It was not done with the intent to arouse, but just to feel nice and he loves it (okay, who wouldn't, lol?).

In almost no time, he went from a soft penis to a full-on erection. And then he commented on how interesting it was to him that he could be lying there fully relaxed, breathing normally, and have such an erection.

♥ Bonding behaviors and blood pressure

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My wife and I both take medication for high blood pressure. I have been for seven years, she for three. We measure and record our numbers regularly. A couple of months ago, we both noticed that our numbers were coming down. I have cut my medication to ¼ of the previous level while remaining in the normal range. Her numbers have declined to the low end of the normal range and her doc has told her she can quit taking the meds as long as her numbers remain good.

♥"What's Karezza Korner?"

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"Karezza Korner" is a community blog, the function of which is to group together the questions that come up over and over about karezza, so visitors can see discussions about them.

If you stumble upon a helpful insight about karezza that you think other visitors would find useful (even if it's your own Smile ), please send it in a PM. Ultimately, we'll be making this blog highly visible.

♥How important is "chemistry" with a prospective lover?

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(Darryl) A woman asked me this question:

I need great chemistry if I am to enter a relationship with someone. I think I found someone like that now and it may even be mutual, but he has a girlfriend (we are just friends). And even if he didn't I'm not sure, despite our chemistry, he would be right for me in the long run... Now, I met someone else who seems interested, and I am interested too, but not in the way I am in the other guy (right from the start). Would love your input.


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Mr. T's recent lovely update inspired me to write as well.

We’ve been practicing karezza now daily for eight months. What changes we are seeing! We are even more still than we were just two months ago and more sensitive. The energy is stronger. I sense the energy in our bodies moving and opening as we lie together, kissing and touching, before entry. What delicious feelings!

♥ First O in over 2 months

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Last night I had a wet dream. This past Thursday was the 8 week mark from my last orgasm. My wife and I just came back from a week long beach vacation during which we had sex almost every day, sometimes 3 or 4 times a day! These were wonderful experiences that were really different than what we have achieved so far- full body rushes with almost 0 movement, very little stimulation for very large feelings, very long, lazy sessions that were highly fulfilling.

♥ Soliciting advice

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Hey everyone,
This is my first post, but I’ve been ‘lurking’ for a long time and have read CPA 2+ times. I’m also a Gnostic student, and first encountered these concepts, and Marnia’s writing, through my teachers. The experiences shared by everyone on this forum have been tremendous sources of support and encouragement in what can feel like an incredibly lonely path. Thanks to you all for being out there and sharing.

I would like to solicit advice on my personal situation; please let me know if I what I am sharing/asking is in any way not appropriate for this forum.

♥The depressing reality of the dating game

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I really want to express my thoughts about the very bleak picture of the dating game between men and women that I see all around me in most societies. It seems that the vast majority of women treat men merely as "success objects". Not only does this show that BOTH genders objectify each other, but it also shows that women have the upper-hand in the dating-game. Let me try and explain this further....

♥ Great Sex Forever

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There is a wonderful section in FSfM, I think, where the Richardsons talk about the couple in their early 80s who attend their workshop in Switzerland. Three years later, mid 80s, they were still practicing genital union daily.

That's just the introduction. Today I heard Joan Borysenko speak, She wrote the best seller, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind, and 14 more books. Her area of expertise is integrative medicine or the mind-body connection. She has a web site, if you want to look her up.