"I Love Her But the Sex Has Died": The Brain Chemical That Can Kill Libido in Long-Term Relationships

distant coupleFrom an anonymous male, aged 40+

I have been in several very loving, amorous, “serious” relationships as an adult, none frivolous and none (at least on a conscious level – who the hell knows what’s going on with me subconsiously) with the intention of being short-term. Inevitably, however, my sexual attraction for my partner wanes to the point where we become virtually non-sexual.

New E-book versions of 2 karezza books

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The Karezza Method (French title)A forum member has created new English versions of both Karezza: Ethics of Marriage by Stockham and The Karezza Method by Lloyd. They can be found here: FREE sacred sex classics. Well worth reading. Enjoy!

[Note: This image is the cover of the French translation, which, unfortunately, is not available through this site.]

First Sex: Just The Science Please

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ratsYouth and intense sexual arousal are a surprisingly volatile combination

Research on animals suggests that first sexual experiences may have more power to shape our individual sexual proclivities than we would guess, and that they do so via specific brain mechanisms. Consider the following research on young, virgin rats:

"Slow Sex" Film

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Often people ask about resources for introducing a partner to the karezza-style sex concept. This film is an excellent tool for the purpose.

The most powerful part is the couples describing their experiences with both conventional sex and the non-orgasm-focused approach. They are all so natural and genuine. It is clear their feelings for each other are warm, playful, sane and sustainable.

Why Stop Orgasm Research at Climax?

Mary Roach giving a TED talk on orgasmHuffington Post's editor requested this post in response to Roach's TED talk from a few years ago called "10 things you didn't know about orgasm"

Mary Roach's irreverent orgasm trivia reminds us that researchers, like porn makers, tend to snap their notebooks shut right after the money shot. Yet some of the most intriguing findings about orgasm may lie beyond its brief fireworks. Post-O data could one day help solve all kinds of mysteries, such as why lovers' libidos often go out of sync -- especially after those initial "honeymoon poppers" wear off.