A Comparison of Two Styles of Lovemaking

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This is an excerpt from The Art of Sexual Ecstasy by Margo Anand, p. 352.

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Carlo, a 29-year-old chiropractor from Sacramento, had a personal experience of this phenomenon. He and his wife, Elizabeth, had just completed the second cycle of my year-long training. "Eli and I had arranged to go on a skiing vacation in a little cabin in Lake Tahoe," he explained. "When we arrived, the weather got very bad. It was snowing so hard, we couldn't go anywhere. So we were cooped up like rabbits. That was fine with us, because after the training we were so turned on to each other that it felt as if we had just fallen in love. We spent almost the whole time in bed and made love several times a day. Our attraction for each other was so intense that we put aside all thoughts of containing and redirecting our sexual energy. It was what you could call totally wild sex. I ejaculated each time we made love, and we had intense and wonderful orgasms. The weather remained bad, so we continued like this for three or four days. Then I noticed a gradual shift in our energies and mood. We were getting tired, slightly impatient with each other, a bit depressed and nervous. Also, my back was beginning to feel sore. Finally it reached a peak in a fierce quarrel about some ridiculously minor event – who should do the dishes. All of a sudden, it felt as if we had lost our trust in each other. We realized that this was probably linked with the way we had been making love. Our energy was spent, and we felt empty.

"We decided that from then on, we would practice what we had learned about High Sex and, while enjoying lovemaking, redirect the energy through the chakras together. I did not ejaculate for some days. The weather did not clear up, but we did! The results were wonderful. We held each other very close during lovemaking, stopped before the point of no return, visualizing that we were carrying the orgasmic energy to our hearts and then to the third eye. Gradually we began to experience a deep, melting, meditative feeling of being joined in body and soul. We rediscovered our love for each other, a sense of delight, mutual acceptance, trust, and generosity. There were no more quarrels. We could both see very clearly the different effects of the two styles of lovemaking: throwing the energy out or keeping it and transforming it."

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