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OMG - this is my experience too

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This was contributed by "Spiritheals" and it is almost 100% accurate to my marriage experience! I don't think my wife was playing out her abuse situation in her reaction to me - I think she felt me withdrawing and "using her" and could not deal with it, tried to help, was unsuccessful, withdrew herself to save her self, and then finally called a spade a spade and ended our marriage.
Wow. Amazing how close this is to what I experienced.

It's written in the stars...

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Very strangly revealing horoscopes this week! I never read them but Marnia pointed me towards some readings which have been sending my my daily horoscope.

I'm a Scorpio (imagine that!)
Here is todays:
You are a bit pessimistic and might have to become more philosophical as you try to fulfill your material and sensual desires. Your intuition encourages you to develop a vision of your ideal future, but you must make important adjustments as your values change. You might not be able to alter your current situation right away, but minor corrections are certainly in order.

Addicts vs success stories on this site

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Hotsping is right. The only thing I see on here is people struggling. Marnia you are the only success story on here I have read. I bet that is not what you expected when you started this site.
Got me thinking about why.
I think that when people get "cured" or are successful - they tend to go on with their lives. Posts and groups seem to be for those struggling. Look at AA. Most people don't stay in forever. There are a corps of people that stay to help others which is necessary but they are a small percentage.


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Hey folks,
Have not checked in for a bit. Been a very stressful weekend. Changes to our living arrangements are coming soon and though I am not consiously upset about it - I've accepted it and I thought I was at peace with it - I am having a hard time with anxiety and sleep.
I have slipped again. No orgasms but visual slipping. I don't feel good. I feel anxious and underlying I feel guilty and like I let myself down.
I know I can pick myself up and dust me off but it does not feel good.

Becoming a Man in a Boy's World.

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I used to look at porn frequently since I was 10 years old (after finding my dad's videos) and since 2004, i haven't indulged - nor have I felt the helpless state of not being able to control myself. However, when it comes to masturbation, it's a different story. These last three weeks have been horrible in this regard. I feel weak and shameful that i find myself so addicted to this self-soothing strategy.


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I'm not super into Thanksgiving as a Holiday but I am into taking the time for giving thanks any and everytime. I can't believe I just replied to thelongrun's post on meditation and forgot to mention the one most crucial, basic, important part of a spiritual practice: GIVING THANKS.

So thank you to all of you for your sharing of your paths and for overcoming your addictions for the sake of yourselves and the whole.

Turn the page

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Today we turned the page on our relationship. We talked to they boys. They took it very well, asked some decent questions, and understood that we love them and will be a family even if a different shape. I could not have scripted it to go any better.
As horrible as it is to break up a family, or change it, getting the conversation over is freeing. I have been carrying a heavy yoke. I've known it and have been looking forward to it being lifted.

Doing Better with some help

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Many thanks for Jorgen (indirectly as it was a suggestion in someone else's post) but I have been really committing to a lecture series on working with the mind and creating new paradigms while shedding old beliefs. The website has lots of great articles and mp3 and the best thing is, its really just common sense and sound practical advice, nothing esoteric or mystical. Listening at night before bed and doing the exercises throughout the day is a real help. I started slipping pretty bad there, but was able to turn it around. Thanks Jorgen for that!


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I love you all! Your karma and support is just so magical. I wish I could bottle it and sprinkle it around.
Pat yourself on the back. Your participation in this group is worthy.