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I haven't posted for a while. It's been an odd period. Having visitors, visiting others, I've found really disrupts routine, especially new routines that haven't become fixed. What happens then is that old routines reassert themselves. I think I've finally cottoned on the the fact that it's okay when others are around that our attention which previously we would give to each other should become easily fragmented; and that when we're alone again there's no need to resent the period of 'separation' so much as relish the possibilities of new found togetherness.

one step at a time

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Been working some serious overtime lately but, somehow, despite the urge to numb out to the stress and worry with porn, i haven't. It's been about 3 weeks. That isn't to say i haven't orgasmed since i have, but it was with a partner and it was slow and conscious. I think it makes sense to deal with these issue in order or porn (1) and then (2) sacred sex. For me, i think there needs to be some levels of competence and progression if this will work in the long run. It's cool some people can do them at once.

Collective Liberation Challenge

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Greetings all -

In another thread I recently decided to share my journey with my addiction to image-perfecting, an addiction that I feel is prevalent in women in this culture, is the converse side of porn addiction, and which basically undermines women's abilities to live comfortably in and share their true essence and womanhood.

time for solitude and sometimes struggle

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I have been working at home the last few weeks and the amount of time spent alone has been really excrutiating at times and has made the porn addiction even harder to deal with. It seems boredom, loneliness, fear of future..all these things can make porn seem so inviting and wipe away uncomfortable feelings, going numb using fantasy and sexual images. But I also know that the aftermath is depression and despair, so i have been not indulging. Having the previous structure of working full time in the office didn't give me as many chances or freedom to do what i want during the day.

The power of perspective

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For most of the past week, it was like I was stuck up, immobilized, in this small egg, an other world, comprising solely of hopeless worries about when I'm ever going to get out of all this crap, this trap. It was like an unending battle against this huge strong wall that had been built up, these big chains that I'm tied to, that I somehow can't break and be free.