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Ruined completely

Submitted by Frank on

I fell off from the recovery process on 26th of August, reaching 24 days of abstinence (my highest yet). But, on the 30th, I fell again, after spending two solid days of purity. I had strictly controlled diet and also did exercise. On the 29th, I had a massive dinner of nothing but pizza, and I woke up the next morning feeling demotivated. I couldn't get myself to exercise (procrastinating it to later in the evening), nor was I able to maintain my diet. By afternoon, I was having a lot of anxiety and getting stressed.

Hangover from Orgasm

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Submitted by hotspring on

I said I would take a little fast from the forum until I finished reading Marnia's book. I read it in one day, really fascinating stuff. It's a book worth owning and I look forward to reading parts of it again. For any of you who haven't raed it I really reccomend it, even though this website provides a lot of the science.

a good night

Submitted by looking4balance on

Last light, like many other a weekend night, I found myself sitting in my room, wanting to go out and socialize since i had stayed at home in the evenings most of the week. After calling a few friends (who all had plans it turned out), i started my usual follow up thinking "oh everone is out having fun, poor me, sitting home alone on a Sat night" kind of helpless, victim-ish. Its THAT time that I usually reach for porn or some sex distraction. I read through some journaling I had done where I found a list of activites i could do when alone.


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Submitted by sood on

I've been trying to clarify whether our sex life is 'loving' or whether it is predominantly lustful. I think of all the activities I do with my wife because she's my wife – I eat with her, sit and read with her, go for bike rides with her; we drive around together, visit friends and places as one. I could do all these things with other people, but I don't, because I'm not committed to being with them. That doesn't mean I wouldn't enjoy their company; but I wouldn't enjoy it in the same way I enjoy my wife's company.


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Submitted by hotspring on

I've been thinking about potency a lot recently - male and female, but mostly potency in males. I asked my lover what made him feel potent. He said: making people laugh, being witty in conversation, and dancing. I also asked him what nourishes him. He said laughter. Maybe people need nourishment in order to feel potent. And maybe they look too often to sex to get nourishment and to feel potent.

one magical moment

Submitted by looking4balance on

Hey all.. :)

Read this in some sexual addiction literature and strongly identified with it. It describes a certain type of sex addict
Craving/seeking: Validation, Erotic highs. distraction, One magical sexual attachment that will heal all wounds

Attracted to: “Hot” people for validation, Stable others who will care for them

Impersonal sex: Seeking instant validation with “perfect” others who are then found to be imperfect, resulting in serial, non-intimate relationships.