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Three things stand out for us at the moment.

The first is our adoption of daily choices. By this, I mean each day's affectionate activity 'belongs' to one or other of us. Taking it in turns, we decide and initiate what we would like to do, when, and for how long. This could mean passionate sex in the afternoon, or a slow cuddle in the evening. The important part is that neither one of us has a monopoly over deciding, and initiating, what we do. This has been extraordinarily helpful.

Anthem for Recovery Process

Submitted by Frank on

I have decided to have an Anthem for My Recovery Process, which I will hear and keep in mind every day. The song I found suits the purpose in both lyrics and sound. If you hear it, you'll notice that the first half of the song is fully rajasic (loud metal). The next half is traditional Indian music with an electric guitar as background and it gives a very sattvic effect. So, it's ideal for a person who wishes to get out of the tamasic state of mind.



Help for Addictions

Submitted by zendel on

This is my first blog posted on Reuniting. Hopefully this blog will be about ways to help out my friends who are addicted to masturbation by informing them on ways and methods that i have successfully used and sometimes failed to use that are helpful in recovering from this debilitating habit. Also understanding that Sh*t happens, this blog might touch on different topics as others ask for more information on what i know.

First things first:

Background: Hispanic/American
Education: Bachelor's in Psychology
Work: serving others

The Relentless Primitive Brain

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I've had a confusing and illuminating past week.

I've seen just how deep seated my fertilization-driven brain is, and how strongly it determines my behavior. Overcoming orgasm is just a really small part of starting to become aware of the many ways I operate from the standpoint of biological sucess of future offspring.

Well ...

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I did it, i got up the courage and left my job to find a situation that suits my skills better and is a healthier environment. This has been some ordeal. But despite all the stress and sleepless nights over the past year, I also learned that I can handle a hell of a lot without breaking.

just current stuff

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Hi all,

Today I'm not writing about sexual addiction per se, but it seems evident by the types of situations I am dealing with and the accompanying feelings/thoughts, I can see some of the ways these personality/character traits manifest in sex addiction.

As i wrote some days ago, this has been THE longest job-leaving experience of my life. Even its a bad company, toxic environment (warm sigh..sounds like home), I still find all these feelings come up such as..

-fear of disappointing/letting others down
-fear of others potential anger


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I often used to be uneasy in the past as to why I wanted to have sex. I suspected a lot of the time it was more because I hadn't had any for a while than because I actually wanted it. I could almost hear my internal voice suddenly chipping in with, "Hey, if you don't get it together soon, you won't be keeping up with the national average ... just imagine what that says about you as a man!"

Other times, I would simply be bored, and find myself thinking, "Hey, we could have sex, with an explosive orgasm ... think how nice that would be."

Ruined completely

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I fell off from the recovery process on 26th of August, reaching 24 days of abstinence (my highest yet). But, on the 30th, I fell again, after spending two solid days of purity. I had strictly controlled diet and also did exercise. On the 29th, I had a massive dinner of nothing but pizza, and I woke up the next morning feeling demotivated. I couldn't get myself to exercise (procrastinating it to later in the evening), nor was I able to maintain my diet. By afternoon, I was having a lot of anxiety and getting stressed.