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I should have heeded my own advice about being cautious around the two week mark! I have read accounts of valley orgasms and "internal" orgasms. My experience of valley orgasms in the past was that both my partner and I would just ride waves of pleasure as we got closer to orgasm and then back off of it before going high again, experiencing a lovely, long lovemaking session with many high points but without the direct, linear road to conventional orgasm.

good news/bad news..ain't it always the way?

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good news: still no porn (going on more than 3 weeks) and passed up a few opportunities for "extra curricular" sex with former partners and potential new ones - ("yea!")

bad news: had addictive sex with my partner last night and orgasmed. twice.(faint and off-tune "yea")

under the addiction

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well folks, what i am finding underneath my acting addictively and numbing myself is good ol' depression. Seeing how my old ways to avoid pain clearly dont work and that I used this to cover my depression makes even MORE depressed! haha...but at least this is more real than an addictive numbed out state. i am trying to just feel it with out changing too much, although i am finding a good jog really lifts me out of myself and gives some vitality (no doubt dopamine).

Random thoughts ..

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Today i feel a bit more depressed then yesterday. But another porn-free night (yeh), although I WAS tempted (to rid the depression). I had Google ready to go, but chose not to and went to sleep instead. I have noticed my dreams are becoming more sexual...

Some thoughts/questions this morning ...

i wonder why 90 percent of my friends are women?
-Do i think one day there is a chance i could sleep with them?
-Do I get some healing/soothing Yin energy by being in their company?


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There's a lot of talk on this forum about porn and unwanted sexual feelings. I've never thought of myself as being addicted to porn, or my sexual feelings as being anything other than 'natural'; but I thought I should reconsider this.

Blog update

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My self-loving experiments haven't gone far since my last post. I haven't felt like masturbating and meditating at all. It's no replacement for a real person to make love to. I guess I'm feeling lonely lately, is what it comes down to.

I have had some fun sex in the dreamworld though. Again, the sex in my dreams has become very playful and enjoyable since my deeper explorations in tantric meditation.

boring, but sane evening ...

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Last night I decided to do my activities in a more centered way. It was OK, but kind of boring (why boring is such a four-letter word?). I made my dinner without the comforting background buzz of the TV, ate my meal slowly and in silence - being attentive to the food instead of shoveling it down, ironed shirts and carefully folded them, sat zazen for 20 minutes, read a bit and then went to bed. Great huh?