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From the other room, she Izzy is more a mumbler these days.
Me: You think you'll wear the antique dress?
She: I think I'll wear my (shoe) inserts
Always confirm your beliefs!

My favorite joke from a birthday card Izzy's brother gave me, best when performed live with 2 elder friends. Three guys walking on a beach:
First guy: It's windy today
Second: No, I think it's Thursday
Third: Me too, let's get a beer!

Nicholas Sparks

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Hopeless Romantic that I am, I tried NS again with "The Wedding" and am reminded why I gave up on him. I'm thinking the story could be renamed "The Apology: How I Made Amends to My Wife After Screwing Up". My problem is deeper. It has to do with myth the unloved child believes: If I Do Everything Right, She will Love Me. In the story, he does do everything right. Much like I wanted to do everything right on this karezza path. For me, I think it might be better to stop seeing the Golden Boy as the paragon and start looking to the smelly, dirty, homeless man.

sleelping together

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As a child, seeing the phrase “slept together” I thought it meant people slept together. Even when I knew about sex, I still assumed it was followed by “sleeping together.” I didn’t know it could mean: then he turns over and snores and you lie awake with long thoughts, long rosaries, children’s needs, or just long crying.
Worse things could happen. I didn’t deal with unfaithfulness.