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Technology and Its Effect on Your Relationship

Submitted by Maso on

My girlfriend has a subscription to "Psychology Today" magazine, appropriate for a therapist. Even before we lived together I would look at her copy of the magazine and read an article here or there—really annoys her when I start reading it before she gets a chance to. I have suggested that maybe she needs therapy to work on that annoyance. She suggested that maybe I needed to be less of a smartass.

Reboot First 24 Hours

Submitted by luke350 on

So it's been awhile since I've posted on this site. In the three years since I last blogged I've had a lot of victory over masturbation and the inevitable fallout. In late 2013/2014 I went for 5 months without bringing myself to ejaculation. It was a long hard road and since then I'll occasionally go for 2-3 month dry spells. I was also in a relationship where I experienced the power of affectionate touch. Such peace and contentment....and the incredible sleep I would have after I would cuddle with my sweetheart.

Excerpt from paper entitled "Meditation and Sex"

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Submitted by Marnia on

A forum member shared this 2010 item with me. It's written by a Belgian named Philppe De Coster. Here's an excerpt, with his take on karezza:

Meditative Sex

Another way of experiencing spirituality in sex is by focusing on feeling in harmony and united with your partner on different energy levels. This is like a sexual meditation.

You say exchanges, I say healing touch

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Submitted by fupornwife on

Due to work schedules, travel and a toddler, my husband and I haven’t had the opportunity to try more than the first exchange listed in the back of “Cupid’s Poisoned Arrow.”

That first time I was nervous about his reaction. First, because I know he is willing to give karezza another attempt, but isn’t as convinced as I feel right now. I wanted it to be a positive experience for both of us.

Thinking about the next generation

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Submitted by fupornwife on

When I was a pre-teen, about to go off to camp, my mother told me that I had a special place I could touch, that felt very nice. But that if I did that, it would cause me to think about and want to have sex. I'm sure there's more to what she said. There are holes in that story. Clearly I knew this special place was not on my big toe, but how did she express that? I don't remember. All I know is, I didn't discover masturbation until I was in college. (After which, my mom's talk finally made sense, at least the touching feeling nice part.)