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Not enough sex

Submitted by James Bonding on

For most of my 30+ year marriage I've felt like I haven't gotten as much sex as I wanted. Now, I want to solve this problem. I welcome anyone who has a similar situation to join this discussion, and would especially like to hear from people who have solved the problem in their own marriages.

Love For No Reason

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Submitted by Aphrodites Chela on

I don't know how or why this book got onto my reading list (movie "The Secret"?) but it came to me at the right time. By day 66 (today is 70) I was wondering, "What's next?". I missed the excitement of wanting my Izzy and was wondering how to get that back and stay on track. I read "Chicken Soup for the Soul" a long time ago and it was OK but when I saw "Chicken Soup for Cat Lover's Soul" advertised, I figured that's enough chicken soup!

Forums versus blogging and replicating that offline

Submitted by freedom on

It’s been a while since most of the (us) porn guys splintered into the multitude of sites on that topic. While I’ve visited some of those sites, I’ve not blogged/journalled/etc. on them. I tend to be private, probably to my detriment. I'm not sure why I blogged as I have here. Perhaps I somehow seperated myself from the content.

post-Exchanges discomfort

Submitted by MCCrochet on

Hello everyone,

After about 3 years of being cognizant of these ideas, I finally got the courage to ask my partner to try the Exchanges with me. He agreed (though in large part to support me, and "try something different") and it was a lovely three weeks. I felt more "on", more energized, way more stable emotionally, and present. I was able to laugh things off easily, and laugh more loudly than I have in a long time.

Babies and Bath Water

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Submitted by Aphrodites Chela on

39 days of not asking. Let's remember this path is not what Marnia recommends.
What has been lost? What has been gained?
I used to feel that I had a large (soccer ball sized) hole in my chest. I was desperate to fill it. I found a few ways to do it but it was an emotional roller coaster. For a few weeks now, it is more like a dent. Same size, same place. Ya know that car you wrecked and pocketed the insurance money instead of having it fixed? I can drive it but with this dull ache it ain't all that pretty.