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Forums versus blogging and replicating that offline

Submitted by freedom on

It’s been a while since most of the (us) porn guys splintered into the multitude of sites on that topic. While I’ve visited some of those sites, I’ve not blogged/journalled/etc. on them. I tend to be private, probably to my detriment. I'm not sure why I blogged as I have here. Perhaps I somehow seperated myself from the content.

post-Exchanges discomfort

Submitted by MCCrochet on

Hello everyone,

After about 3 years of being cognizant of these ideas, I finally got the courage to ask my partner to try the Exchanges with me. He agreed (though in large part to support me, and "try something different") and it was a lovely three weeks. I felt more "on", more energized, way more stable emotionally, and present. I was able to laugh things off easily, and laugh more loudly than I have in a long time.

Babies and Bath Water

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Submitted by Aphrodites Chela on

39 days of not asking. Let's remember this path is not what Marnia recommends.
What has been lost? What has been gained?
I used to feel that I had a large (soccer ball sized) hole in my chest. I was desperate to fill it. I found a few ways to do it but it was an emotional roller coaster. For a few weeks now, it is more like a dent. Same size, same place. Ya know that car you wrecked and pocketed the insurance money instead of having it fixed? I can drive it but with this dull ache it ain't all that pretty.

First time on this site in a while...

Submitted by Searcher1 on

I'm currently at three works without P and M and things are going pretty well. The temptation hasn't been as strong of late, and things like distracting myself with writing, playing video games, and more time spent with my wife are helping a lot. I plan on rewarding myself at 30 days by buying myself a little something I usually wouldn't spend money on, and then will be shooting for 60 days!


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Submitted by Aphrodites Chela on

Hunger and need leaking out everywhere
The darkness of Desire
Every look
every word
is suspect
there is no compassion, only hunger
I am raw. Nothing is clean.

The young mothers are too attractive
My eyes linger too long on the glamour in People magazine
The sexy cover of a dance catalogue beckons
TV background noise, a young woman telling Jimmy Kimmel of her interview with Howard Stern
My fingers itch to Google pictures of her

gawd help me, it's day 8

My Sex Addiction

Submitted by sbpulliam on

I think I'll get something out of this. My wife discovered my going to strip clubs back in October. I initially denied, but then confirmed that I went some. In December she got a hold of my smart phones thru location & discovered that I was going to strip clubs 1-3 times a week, even at lunch. We've been fighting a lot for the last couple of years, she's a control freak, nitpicking, nagging. I moved out January 1st, filed for divorce January 4th, and she proceeded to discover thru looking at cash withdrawals that I've spent $40,000 over the last 5 years, which of course is all true.


Submitted by ljermontov on

Long time no see people!

I just want to tell my story as an example and support to all of you who were or are in the same situation like I was.
I have been through a lot,and all of it has been my weakness,my inabillity to say no!
You can all read my posts and see what and where I was.
By the help of Marnia ,Gary and the members on this forum Emerson and rest of the guys ,slowly I got out.