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relasped..going to reboot again

Submitted by batusi on

I realized this the first time i got a bj from my gf, and it was not pleasurable, in fact, i did not even get hard. It was then i knew something was definitely wrong. I did try no PMO for 2 months and it helped, she was impressed by how hard i got. she gave me a bj and it felt much better so much so that had an O, and 1 week after we tried to do the same and i failed to get erect. I relapsed after that and looked at online porn again, and now here i am again going to do another reboot.

Last night

Submitted by kuaka on

was interesting. I went to bed around 9...woke up around midnight. Wife came to bed then...naked (I insisted on it). After a fairly long session of cunnilingus and other stimulation, she drifted off to sleep. I took her to a couple of "gentle" O's...trying very hard to NOT "slam her against the wall". I was extremely frustrated by my inability to become erect and simply could not get to sleep. I decided to throw a "hail Mary"...a.k.a. Viagra.

1 Month Down...

Submitted by Hockeygod28 on

Havent been on the site for quite some time but figured it was time to update my blog. Ive been working in a remote place for the summer in an area with little wifi, no cell service and just surrounded by pure nature. It was an awesome life experience and I am now a month down of no masturbation and no porn. Lots of ups and downs, cant say that I feel any better, but my libido is for sure gone. The voices in my head havent stopped, they keep on pushing but I just roll it off my shoulders and do my best to not react emotionally because that is the key.

Monkeying About with Daniel Bergner

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Submitted by Marnia on

Cover - Sex At Dusk[This is a post by Lynn Saxon, author of "Sex At Dusk: Removing the Shiny Wrapping from 'Sex At Dawn'." It provides perspective for Daniel Bergner's new book "What Do Women Want."]

Daniel Bergner’s “What do Women Want” presents some thought-provoking, if limited, information about female sexuality. It challenges the idea that female sexuality is more about making babies than enjoying sex, and promotes instead a picture of a naturally insatiable female sexual appetite that should leave men quaking in their boxers.

Day 10

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Submitted by Musician on

It's tough. Triggers, images, etc. I hope over time it fades. I have noticed significant improvements to start though. I'm more attached to my girlfriend - in a good way. Feel better about girls, period. Noticing the "fetish" quality of men, etc. It's painful to see, but nice to know how it's working.

I had a talk with my girl, and she says how easy it is to relapse, and how crucial it is to be strong and stick this out. I agree. How the easiest times to relapse are when times are good. So, I will keep trucking.