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Still running on the hamster wheel

Submitted by diamondsoul22 on

I ended up letting myself go on an all out eating and pmo binge for the three days following the day I first gave into pmo.

today is day 3 I guess....

The day before yesterday I literally slept almost the entire day away just getting up to eat in between.

I attended another slaa meeting yesterday.

one of the girls from the meeting invited me out to dinner with her and several others from the meeting. I decided to join them and it ended up being a nice time.

Been a while...

Submitted by kuaka on

but still on rebooting journey. I have been interrupted by illness...Sunday, I had a fever around 102. Went to Dr. Monday and got an antibiotic..suspicious infection from root canal last Wednesday may be cause as tooth began hurting more Sunday morning as fever started to spike.

Temperature is all over the place today...97.9 to 100.9...and I'm a bit dizzy.

Reboot is painfully slow...gave up meditation for now and have re-flat lined. I guess I just need to be patient.

Saying Goodbye to My Beloved Community

Submitted by Aimee717 on

Hi Everyone.

I have been out of this community for months. This community that I love and I am very thankful to be a part of.
As I embark on a new journey of my life, I have nothing but gratitude to reuniting for being my source of support and acceptance when I was at my lost times. For the people who taught me a lot of things during my struggle. And for making me feel that despite mistakes, we can start anew.

I may not be that be able to blog more often, rest assured I will try to pop in this community once a while.

7 weeks of no Orgasm

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Submitted by Rockhardington on

It's been a tough week, but I am hanging in there. I've enjoyed having a little more wherewithal and enjoying simpler things, but some of the urges and physical/psychological withdrawals have been intense. And it doesn't take much for me to become triggered either. It can be as small as a sexy look at the grocery store while I am shopping or just the feeling the physical need to just act out.

Back again

Submitted by Proverbs31.30 on

It's been almost 9 months that I have posted something here. Today, I spontaneously decided to give you an update. I have a strong urge to open up myself, but since the matter is sooo intimate, I can't talk to anybody in person right now. Thank God for the anonymity of this site!

Feeling down Day 2 PMO

Submitted by Eoa897 on

Just feeling down today and depressed still not getting good sleep and my mind is completely mind and attitude feel like cheap and I'm not getting erections like I use too..I've been drinking tons of caffeine just to stay awake during the day...I'm starting too feel very down most of the time mainly because I can't seem to get an erection..before I use to get erections even after relapsed but recently my erections (if any have been extremely weak)