Good things will happen to the non-masturbators!

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I am not a very religious person. I have a pretty clear interpretation of what God means to me, but this God is so far diluted from the original God of Christianity that I can hardly claim to be a Christian anymore. However, even though I consider myself a very rational person, I can be very superstitious...

One of my biggest superstitions is that if I stop masturbating good things will happen to me. I know, silly right? In my head its almost even an exact science: If I stop masturbation for 3 weeks I will find the perfect girlfriend. Simple as that. The reason why I have this superstition is based on the fact that this has been the case a few times in the past. The sad thing is that, even though I am convinced that good things will happen to me if I stop masturbation for 3 weeks, I haven't actually been able to do so in the past 6 years! The longest I have lasted since I was 16 is around 2 weeks. And during all of these two-week-experiments I experienced positive consequences. Not just in my head, not just in my emotional wellbeing or energy levels, but in the external, physical world. Stuff that I no way could be related in any sense to the fact whether or not I masturbated: Grades were better, my lost wallet turned out to be in the pocket of my jacket all along, friends I hadn't heard from in a while got back in touch... Hell, I even got better at blackjack!

I am a rational person. I believe in cause and consequence and in the scientific method as the ultimate way to uncover truth. But when I experience these kind of positive elements, for which I can find no logical explanation, I sometimes start to wonder. Who knows, maybe this superstition is justified...


I've wondered about this too

The metaphysicians tell us that our thoughts/feelings/expectations attract our material world experiences to some degree, and that collectively, we're shaping the whole earthly experience this way.

If that were so, then it would make sense that when you don't  set off a variety of post-O changes that leave you feeling a bit of a subconscious sense of lack/dissatisifaction, you are much more likely to attract abundance/satisfying experiences, etc, So, I don't know if superstition is the right word, but I think how we manage our brains is way more important than we think it is in terms of how enjoyable a ride we have. Biggrin

What really matters is your experience. It's your laboratory. Run your own experiments and find out what's true for you.


I agree, however it can be explained is beyond me. I will go with God and my faith, but I believe others will prefer another expression or metaphysics...

However you call it your statements are true! I am experiencing this in my life right now. So blessed and more so every day!

This happened to me last year on my 5 month period of no PM. I so wanted that feeling and experience back and now here I am again.

You're "superstition is justified!!!

Stay strong and Peace.

Some say, there is no

Some say, there is no "material world" as everything is based on waves, everything is "made out" of waves (energy). This could be an explanation for "supernatural" things - because they ARE NOT supernatural but show us some unexplored laws of nature. Look at the physicists, they seem to tell us science-fiction but it is actual science...