Hot or sad?

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This afternoon I was watching a music station and there was a 'Top 15' program on. All of the videos fit in the cliché stereotype of a music video: Half naked background dancers and the message that life is PAAARTEEEY!!!

While I was watching it I couldn't make up my mind whether I found it hot or sad... Growing up I used to watch a lot of these video's and I am 100% convinced that they played a significant role in the development of my current porn-addiction. I used to think they were hot. I used to want 5 half-naked models on my lap. Hell, what 16-year old, hormone riddled teenage boy wouldn't?

Now I find it sad. It's fake. So I zapped away and did the dishes.


you are right about how YOU felt

fairly clear it sounds like.

many have a fear of relapsing. or falling into something of a trap. i know i am.

but i think it's important to stand behind our convictions, but, at the same time not to judge others.

and not even to judge ourselves harshly if we fall.

for me it takes the pressure off

Yes, it´s sad

I think you´re right in thinking, it´s fake. They want to make us addicted. Maybe you are beginning to discover your natural and more intuitive entry to sexuality. There is much more to discover in this area than on flat screens. Smile