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Yesterday, I decided that I would set a new goal for myself. Instead trying to maintain PMO-free for 100 days I am going to try to get into a healthy 'rhythmn': I quit porn entirely but I do masturbate once a month.

Now, I am also going to adopt a new strategie. I'm going to gradually built it up. For one month I am going to allow masturbation once a week. No porn, mind you. This way I can establish some kind of balance. Right now, I relapse after about a week and I really beat myself up over it. I genuinly feel like an addict. This way, I could get some small 'wins', establish some confidence and get a streak going. When I have been able to refrain myself from porn with onle one weekly masturbation-session I am going to increase it to once every two weeks. If I can mantain this regime for two months I am going to have a try at the final goal: Once a month.

I know this strategy (and even this goal) is a little bit against the idea behind this site but I simply can't do it. And, as I have mentioned before, I am not only transforming my sexual life, i'm working on a lot of different area's as well (productivity, health, education...). In these area's I have also adopted a gradual approach with a clear plan for the future and I am actually doing quite well. The main thing that always comes crashing down (and often drags a lot of the other elements with it) is the absitence thing.


Tnx Marnia, very interesting

Tnx Marnia, very interesting article. This quote pretty much sums up my sentiments:

"While I think we can all agree that PMO several times a day, every day, is not healthy, maybe going completely No MO forever is just as bad. Need to find a happy medium that does not include any porn."