Trouble with condoms?

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Ive found out about YBOP about four months ago and been on this for a month but this is my first blog entry.
Ive been PMO free for a couple months now, and my erections have improved greatly, being that i had pretty bad porn-induced ED/performance anxiety, and even some anxiety-related illnesses (zona,psoriasis). I've become confident that i can get hard so i can engage in intercourse (and i have a couple times) but my greatest worry is not being hard enough to put on a condom. I'm afraid that I wont be able to hook up with any new girls because of that, any tips?
(I'm also realizing right now that I should have posted earlier since I'm feeling a great relief by being able to share my pmo worries.) PS You guys saved my life, cant thank you enough.


condom thoughts

I've written a few thoughts here

Condoms are only tricky if 1) you really haven't rebooted, or 2) you have a lot of anxiety.

My suggestion is to really make sure you've rebooted before putting pressure on yourself to perform. So when you do have intercourse you'll be confident at that point.

Anxiety: really, if you are not worrying about your erections, it's fine, condoms work fine. If you worry about and are trying to make sure you maintain one, they may not work so well because of your anxiety. You really have to let go and let things take their course and then condoms are fine. I hope that makes sense.



Maybe see

what the guys on have to say too.

Good luck. Nothing wrong with keeping things short when you have sex. Guys often find that sex (erections) quickly improves if they just trust the process.  If your partner wants an orgasm when you need to quit, there are other ways to produce them. Just make sure she knows you find her sexy...otherwise she may wonder.

Thank you for the link, some

Thank you for the link, some posts talk about exactly what I was wondering about. Cant wait to be 100% confident(or close enough) in my erections, since I know for a fact that failed attempts (especially with new girls) can be pretty damaging emotionnally. I know I have to somehow let go of the outcome but tell that to my 20 year-old libido. :) I see so many opportunities right now!

Wow i swear to god i was just

Wow i swear to god i was just thinkin about dis .... Just had successful sex for the first time in probably almost 2 yrs without the aid of viagra and qny of them "ed dysfunction thingamajigs" but i had 2 issues: one is that i just didnt use a condom smh ... And although i didnt really have much problem of getting an erection i kno for a fact that if i tried to put on a condom i would go soft before i penetrate ... I have hard erections but it just seems like they dont last too long especially the worst is wen im lookin for the pussy hole ... If i dont find that shit within 20 secs of tryin to penetrate i start losin my rigidity slowly even if im a 100% hard ... Shit i guess its gonna take me a yr before i FULLY recover ... 6 months down, another 6 more to go