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Just made a religious oath

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Okay so I know a lot of people may think that bringing religion into this might not be smart but I dont care because it works for me. I have quit alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and porn not since New Years and have not even been tempted (except for porn after MOing I was a little tempted) to go back after I made this oath.

My experience so far...

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So when I first started I went 26 days no PMO on my 1st attempt. After that I MO'd 5xs the next three days.

On my second attempt I went 6 days no PMO and then ended up MOing yesterday.

Today I am starting again. What I have noticed is that this second MO left me feeling very sensitive from the dopamine. Its like the longer Im trying to abstain the more sensitive my brain is getting.

Does anyone also feel this way? Today I was feeling less energy, slept in longer and was sort of fatigued the rest of the day.

After 26 days no PMO I fucked up

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Yep. After 26 days I woke up with morning wood yesterday and decided to "test" my self bad idea. Ended up MO ing. Did it again two times that night and once again today.

I am now starting over but this time will avoid fantasies which I think was the reason I mest up at the beginning and excessively checking out girls.

I really need these 90 days to heal. I am glad I stayed away from porn though I was close.

Day 23 NO PMO

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Day 23 and its getting tougher. I felt a little off today for some reason and the past couple hours I've been feeling tempted for some reason. I am getting fantasies in my head that I am fighting off.

Today my mood went from normal to down as the day progressed. My libido is also feeling unpredictable. One minute I am horny and the next I cant get an erection if I try. I cant stop staring at the hot girls in my classes and am having trouble concentrating.


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Yep my first try and I have completed 21 days of no porn, masturbation or orgasm for 21 days. I have also been alcohol,tobacco and weed free during this time. A LOT has happened during this past week. I have turned 24 and moved to a new apartment by my college. I am feeling a lot more confident and sociable. I have been working out and so my energy levels have been pretty good.

The only negative occured today and I remember the last time I abstained form PMO for 3 weeks back last June I think it was, I hit flatline.

Day 11 of Abstinence

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I wrked out yesterday and today and my energy level is baaack! So the highlight of todaythis website w regard to this website was def getting up frm a nap arnd 2:50 and waking up to a 85-90% erection. This thing was solid. I thnik if i keep this exercise thing going and get a six pack ill be back to 100% like my early teens. I turn 24 tmrow.

I am already seeing progress this early and it s very encouraging. I find myslef automatically sitting next to the hottest girls in my classes. I am proud that I have quit everything smoking, drinking and PMO.

Day 10 of abstinenece

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Well I have to say I am not feeling the same energy level from the first week. I am feeling more down I guess. Or more up and down. I have stayed away from smoking and drinking for 24 days now. The workload is piling up in college now. I am starting to feel bit more of a leveling off of sexual energy. I did wake up with a semi erection this morning. I am looking at girls a lot more but have not got to the conversation stage. Kind of just trying to keep up with life.

Day 9 of Abstinence complete

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Okay day 9 is now down. I have been feeling a bit more anxious and jittery. Energy level has been okay but not as good as the previous week. I am going to bed early tonight and hitting the gym early tmrow morning. I am waking up with less morning wood. THis usually happens to me after a week. The urge tends to go down after about the 7 day mark. I hope with good sleep and exercise I can keep the energy levels going.

Day 7 of Abstinence

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Day 7 of Abstinence
So there we got a week down! I feel great but have noticed I am eating a lot more. I am in no way obese but don't want to start a new bad habit. So I think I have to keep myself in check, I think it is a way of my body trying to increase dopamine through other avenues. I am enjoying my workouts and energy and looking forward to what the next week. As well as keeping my watch and guard for the coming flat-line. Comments and advice are appreciated.

Day 4 of Abstinence

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So I have had tremendous energy the past couple days. I have been hitting the gym and eating healthy and getting great sleep thanks to these earplugs my roommates noise doesn't bother me anymore! My college workload has also been keeping me busy so Ive been constantly busy and on the up and up.