Just made a religious oath

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Okay so I know a lot of people may think that bringing religion into this might not be smart but I dont care because it works for me. I have quit alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and porn not since New Years and have not even been tempted (except for porn after MOing I was a little tempted) to go back after I made this oath.

Now after I MOed today I had it and decided to make a religious oath for not touching my penis except for hygiene and discomfort and no masturbation until May 20th 2012. This would be 90 days. I would regain sensitivity in my penis and have made real progress toward healing myself.

I have made an oath before for no masturbation for a month before and kept it no problem. I know this will work for me because faith has strong place within me.

I believe after these 90 days are over I will have a sensitive penis once again, be free of any porn addiction, have self control over MOing, in fact I might just quit the habit all together and only choose to orgasm with a female partner. I think that would be the ideal way to live my life.