My experience so far...

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So when I first started I went 26 days no PMO on my 1st attempt. After that I MO'd 5xs the next three days.

On my second attempt I went 6 days no PMO and then ended up MOing yesterday.

Today I am starting again. What I have noticed is that this second MO left me feeling very sensitive from the dopamine. Its like the longer Im trying to abstain the more sensitive my brain is getting.

Does anyone also feel this way? Today I was feeling less energy, slept in longer and was sort of fatigued the rest of the day.

This is motivating me even further to abstain. I think this third attempt (third times the charm right?) will hopefully, God willing, be successful.

Also I am fantasizing when I MO which I know can be a trigger. I have been tempted to porn but so far have abstained thanks I believe in part to a religious oath I made.