7 Weeks - No MO

Submitted by adamkodee on
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I feel like my reboot has become stagnant. There have been no changes since last week.

On the other hand, it may be a good sign that everything is settling into a balance. I feel infinitely better than when I first started this process in the grip of PMO addiction. I'm more energetic, eager to meet and connect with people, confident, focused, and even-tempered.

Now, I'm just curious to see if the ED is close to cured. Sadly, I have no romantic prospects for the near future.

Note: It has been 56 days of no MO, but I peeked at some pic galleries last week and can't in good conscience say I've abstained from P completely. The good news is doesn't have the hold on me it once did and I wasn't even urged to MO.