Week 7 checking in - Looking for feedback / advice

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So I am now on my 7th week of no PMO and I have seen a few days where I noticed overall I felt better. It has become a little easier to be comfortable talking with people and girls though I still have some anxiety PMO symptoms. I am still dealing with bouts of depression and my sex drive still seems non existent. Its frustrating because I just want to feel something or any desire and instead I just feel like i m just going to be in flatline forever. My motivation with things tends to fluctuate as well where some days I will be very optimistic about the day or this challenging thinking that things will eventually get better and then the next day I'm back down in the dumps thinking that I am never going to get better. I know it can take longer for some people but I am now close to 45 days and I would have hoped to see more of an improvement. I guess the decreased anxiety is a start and being more comfortable in my own skin. But I just wish I would see any more of a desire to pursue girls or be more confident. The cravings with porn still come and go mainly when I'm alone / bored so I try to avoid that. Winter additionally just sucks which might attribute to some of these symptoms. I'm going to continue avoiding porn and just hope eventually things will get better.


No I haven't been edging. In

No I haven't been edging. In my first attempt that was between November - December, I had ended up caving 3-4 times with full out PMO and that was due to the multiple times I would just edge by taking peeks at some porn videos or pictures. This time since January, I have been sure to stay away from looking at anything so that I don't get tempted. My cravings go like this. I basically will be by myself feeling kinda lonely or bored and depressed and so then I think about using porn to get that quick good feeling. I have been able to avoid caving in and looking or doing anything and have stayed PMO free for ~45 days now. Since this usually happens later at night, leaving the house or trying to do something else to take my mind off it is hard so usually it is just me toughing it out and feeling pretty sad until I eventually go to bed. The next day I always feel a little better just cause I was able to make it through that tough period and not give in, but it just is getting tough to keep doing without really noticing any changes. I am going to try to take your advice and not really put any expectations on what to expect as an outcome. This is hard though because I want to find some reason to be optimistic that this will help improve my live emotionally and physically. While I m sure getting off of porn will be a good thing in the long run, it is hard dealing with all of the emotional ups and downs and depressed feelings that are currently coming with the change.

I wish there were a shortcut

but it sounds like your brain may be rebalancing all kinds of things. You're almost at the two month point. A lot of guys notice that's a turning point. Hope it is for you.

Make the most of the good days.

*big hug*