Why am I not noticing any improvements - Around 55 days now

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This post may be somewhat repetitive, but I am still trying to seeking understanding at where I am at in this journey. I'm on my 50th day of no PMO and about 110 days of total rebooting. The first period I pmo'ed 5-7 times in the first two months. I have had good days and bad but I still really have not noticed that much of a change. I have become more comfortable at times speaking with girls, but I still lack the self confidence and libido / desire to really try to put in a sincere effort to talk to girls and be outgoing. I hit really stressful emotional lows and then sometimes will be happy and optimistic about my outlook. Its frustrating because I'd have thought I would have started to become more balanced by now. While people suggest that hte best approach is to not have expectations for changes that should occur during this process, I understand their suggestion and it makes sense but at the same time its so emotionally draining and sad that its hard to not have expectations because I don't like feeling this way and its hard to deal with the depressed feelings, stress of work, and school all at the same time. I don't get that many cravings now but when i do become depressed and sad that is when i am most vulnerable to just saying what the hell its just one time and giving into doing it. If it weren't for this site and the great support everyone on this forum, I would not have been able to make it this far! I am trying to stay positive and coming here to talk with others helps me stay motivated.

I have been studying for the CPA while working 50+ hour weeks so I haven't been out much over past two months. When I study I do go out to the coffee shop so that I'm around other people which is nice . This weekend I went out on Friday night and just only had 2 drinks to just be a little more relaxed. I had a good time and saw some friends which was nice. Not being out in a while made me realize the opportunities that CAN be out there as I saw a lot of attractive girls. I wasn't feeling that confident to try to approach anyone that I didn't know but I attribute that it being only my first time out in a while which will taking some time to get back to feeling more comfortable. I still really don't know what I should say when I do decide to try to go approach a girl and try to talk with them. My goals are also to not be reliant upon alcohol as much when I go out and only have a couple drinks just so that I have a little less anxiety and also just have something that I can sip on to keep my body language normal. I want to try to go out more once the CPA exam is done, but for the next several months this is a big commitment that I have dedicated myself to in addition to getting rid of my porn watching and ED. These are both very big tasks to take on at the same time, but I've made it this far and I want to continue doing both so that when I do have more free time back, this rough patch of my life will be over and I will be a more balance individual who is wanting to pursue girls, and have a relationship with someone other than my computer :-).


I admire your self-discipline

And we all have periods in our lives that are like this.

Still, humans tend to forget that friendly connection with each other is a powerful anti-anxiety "med." So try to work in a bit of socializing even during this high-pressure phase of your life.

I started yoga yesterday and

I started yoga yesterday and I am hoping that this will help me mediate and relieve stress and become more comfortable with myself. It was only my 2nd time doing it so I was trying to just follow along more than focus on my breathing and relaxation efforts but I think it may help as Ye instructor made some very great points about how if you can't be happy about yourself and are always worrying about what people think , that you won't ever really be able to be fully happy. I am really going to try to work on this. As yoga poses are somewhat weird if I can be comfortable with myself and just relaxed while doIng it, I can hopefully translate that into the rest of my life on a daily basis.

great going

I can tell you this, I am going through a very difficult passage in my business life, and the fact that I am not doing any porn or masturbation, and that I am able to bond with my woman gets me through the day amazingly well. I do not drink or do drugs. I know you don't have that girlfriend at this point and probably can't work on that while you pursue your exam, but the fact is that when it happens for you it will be a different world. Meantime if there is a way to find a cuddle buddy, perhaps an ex girlfriend or a female friend, that can be very helpful as well. It is amazing how oxytocin counters stress.

well if it makes you feel any better

the majority of guys out there, I would say, don't go out and approach random women at bars. I totally hear you about the need to be self sufficient: able to go out to a bar, meet a women, bring her back to the cave and give her the business. I would say just don't be so hard on yourself at the bars, judge yourself negatively for not going out and picking up. I think only when you are in the non-judgement zone, only THEN you can actually go and strike up conversations. Wow its weird saying these things to someone when I am in the same boat, but routinely judge myself harshly. I guess Guru the rapper was right "its easier to give advice than to live one's own life."