About 1 or 2 days of PMO per week

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I'm down to about 1 or 2 days of PMO per week, in my attempt to wean myself away from P. However, I am not sure it's working so well.

Like smoking, I figure that while it takes discipline to not smoke at all, the greatest discipline is to have only one cigarette, but decline the second. I thought similar things about PMO. 'Well, I'll PMO if I really want it, if I need a good night's sleep for the test tomorrow' or some other excuse.

However, I find my PMO neutral pathways coming back with a vengeance, especially for the more extreme variety of porn. I've had a harm time trying to control it, but on the whole I don't think I have ever PMO'ed less in my life than these three months. Even if its not a full reboot, there are already differences in me -- discipline is a muscle, the more you use it, the more it grows, but the stronger its challengers become.

I'm not sure if this manageable level thing will work or if I need to cut it out 100%... Right now, I am unsure.


cut out porn, man!

if you want to get away from porn, cut out porn. There is probably no recovery possible if you are still into porn. If you could cut out porn and cut out fantasy perhaps you could get out from under?


Progressive desentitization

Progressive desentitization can work great for building discipline. But I don't it works for quitting addictions. You are only going to make it harder on yourself that way. Ever figured why guys relapse? :)

I urge you to cut it out completely, particurarily if you've been addicted.