Let's stop starting at "1" after a relapse

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I write this because I noticed that everyone's posts about relapse has an air of guilt, shame and anger at onself for "giving in". I myself experienced this -- and I have to admit -- I fell off often. But often when I've give in and PMO'ed I don't actually feel bad about it, and I wouldn't say it drained my sexual energy to zero. Even after I have relapsed, I would still say my addiction to P is less and my overall control over my horny states is still improved, compared to before re-boot.

I also thought: as anxiety increases ED, perhaps putting too much pressure on one self to not PMO might actually complicate an already complicated mindset when approaching the whole world of sex/women/relationships?

Personally, when I PMO I am reminded that P was the original addiction: before booze, before drinking, before anything else. To be torn away from it at a first try is impossible! How many times did I have to quit smoking before I did? Many!

So now when I have the urge to PMO, I balance it out: its understandable if I do this, but if I do it, it sets me back a bit, I will have less sexual energy when dealing with real girls, and I feed my P habit, and thus, the ED. Kind of like a fighter eating a big burger while preparing for a boxing match: It may not destroy ALL your progress, but it sets you back a bit. After too many burger, well -- you just get too lazy to be able to have it where it counts in the ring.

So personally I am going to reset after each relapse at Day 1. Today is probably like Day 30 or something. I forgot.

Thoughts anyone?