No PMO or cigarettes in April

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Well my friends, I am back after just over a year. I'm sorry I took a hiatus sometime in the middle of summer. At some point I basically thought, "well porn is here to stay" kind of like the iPhone. I thought that it was extreme to cut it out completely and that it, like anything, in moderation would be OK. I still somewhat think this.

But no matter my moderation, I keep heading towards more and more extreme porn. It's becoming worriesome and I don't feel good about myself after. And I don't want my head to be thinking negative thoughts in this time. A lot has happened since last year, and I have some very good energy about me now, after a long time of struggle, I am starting to get the hang of it, and feel a bit of peace and contentment.

So I've decided to not quite PMO, but just for the month of April and see what happens. As I recall, even when I vowed to quit PMO, the longest I think I ever went was like 3 weeks anyway. Anything beyond that was a bit of superhuman strain. Besides I think my past ED was caused by my incorrect and stressful way of experiencing intimate situations anyway.

So here goes! Will report back shortly. But just between us, I think this spring is gonna be a great spring and I'm gonna do just fine with the fine ladies I meet.



Welcome back

and congratulations on your progress.

Are you confusing porn with masturbation? Porn is clearly your addiction. Masturbating now and then (once you're back in balance) is unlikely to cause major problems. It's the porn (and porn fantasy) that leads to escalation.

Over and over we hear from guys who would rather give up masturbation than porn. They get more dopamine rushes from the latter, but don't realize how risky that is. Chronic dopamine elevation leads to addiction.

Did you know that more people who try cigarettes get addicted than do people who try heroin? Heroin is obviously a bigger neurochemical blast. But the constant hits of dopamine with each puff train the brain. And addiction is learning.

Your brain has "learned" that porn is "good." Until you see it's the problem, you'll keep sliding back. Read this. The Top 3 FATAL MISTAKES Rebooters Make

And why not make your test for 3 months?