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I am back

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The last months, I havent watch any porn movie at all.. and I had some great sex with my girlfriend, but it's strange, now, this week, I really want to watch porn, I know it's not good for me, but I am wondering if I should force me to not watch it..

I will try.

day 27, first erotic dream

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I orgasm during the night (nocturnal emission) and wake up. I think the recovery is on it's way, cause when I use masturbation/porn I never had this kind of dream.

I still want to masturbate (no more watching porn.. but I know that one will lead to the other).. so I will not. Hope to manage to resist.

The moral is ok.

18 days

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Moral was good this week, looking for the future opportunities at work (cool), so it's ok.

But I am really tempted to masturbate, I haven't any girl now.. so it's a bit frustrated.
But I manage to stick to my will, and stop PMO, each time I want to masturbate I do some gym exercice and things go ok.

No blue balls problem any more.

12 days

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hmm, now it start to be serious.. Today I really want to masturbate.. but I am trying to avoid it.. hope I will resist, it should be easier I guess in some days.

About the moral, not going really good, don't know why, maybee not having my dose of porn.. maybee the work.

But I will continue, until I reach the 90 days or more.

7 days no PMO

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I manage to stop masturbation completly and I feel good during this week.

Tonight I was with a girl, (first met), we kiss for a long time but didn't had sex tonight, she went back to her place. I feel excited. But now.. I have pain in my ball and in lower abdomen.. first time I had that.. it really hurts I think it's due to abstinence.. and huge excitation.

I will try to go with it tonight, hope it will pass.
Any of you have experimented same behavior ?

1 day no PMO.

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It's my second try for rebooting, some month ago I manage to stop porn for more than 3 months. It was difficult at the beginning.
I had a girlfriend, but I get some problems: cumming to fast (less than 5 minutes). So I restart masturbation.. and finaly in less that a month I start porn again.