Day 16 and enjoying each day!

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Hello Everyone

It's been a trending scene here in Reuniting to tell how our days to Recovery is holding up. I am on my day 16 and positive to my Recovery!
I don't wanna brag that I don't have any downs and spiking moments, actually I do have lots of them. As you all have read and if you have been following my posts, there are times when I don't write too much, and I am verbal about what is going on about my life. So today, as I am counting the hours to my big move, and my moving on to the next chapter of my life, I feel positive that I can recover with flying colors!
Thinking positive is my key, and that I am hopeful that everything will be positive despite trials and all the negative things that might happen to my destination.

I am following the book The Secret - Magic which talks about gratitude, thinking positive and attraction of things we really want. And I am very hopeful that I am able to practice it on a daily basis. I have written a tentative schedule of my activities depending on my work schedule. And I will incorporate my journals, meditations and self-karezza on my scheduled basis. That way, I can give myself some rewards of achieving goals.

When I have this incessant thoughts of temptations and all that crap, I don't beat myself up or worry what does this thought mean. In my case, i think these incessant thoughts are created by my gollum self so that it will weaken me. But I know better, I know how I think now and I am conscious of my thoughts that I am not swayed by Gollum. I am strong, and I am in control.

I won't deny the fact that I miss the feeling of pleasuring myself. And that there are times that I think about it. I even had some dreams where I was making love to my ex boyfriend. But now, I don't find any reasons as to why they appear. I now know that they are just temptations to relapse. But I want to Recover, so I choose to Recover and not be swayed by those temptations.

Our journey to recovery is not a difficult process if we learn to enjoy and be happy with our daily achievements. If we continue to be negative and be worrisome about everything that is going on in our lives, then we are prone to anxiety and Gollum will set to attack.

I would like to thank Reuniting for assisting me in opening up my life, and with being able to share my life, without fear and anxiety, and with love and acceptance from everyone, I am ready to face on life. The support here in this community is so positive that energizes me to keep on moving to Recovery with so much love and acceptance for myself. I also feel the confidence I have in myself and the confidence that this community is giving me that I can do everything !!!

Thank you everyone

I am happy
I am positive
I am strong
I am aware of my thoughts
I am in control of my reactions
I am Recovering!


Thank you for sharing positive energies and support!!!


The partner thing I believe that he will come up at the right time. When I am fully ready.
Emotionally, I am still healing, and I feel that it will not be a good idea for me to just jump into a new relationship not healed from my wounds. I am going there.

Yep. Karezza is bettwer with two!

Counting down the hours!!!