Day 40-41 Cruising along Greatly

Submitted by Aimee717 on
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Hello Everyone!

I am so happy and proud to be on 41st day PMO free and doing great.
Thanks to my big move, work, and my 180 degrees turn of perceptions on things.
I won't deny the fact, that I have instances wherein vivid thoughts of lovemaking comes to mind, and most of it with my first amazing lover.
But, I don't beat myself up,instead, I smile to myself and say "Those were the days when I didn't know what I really want"
Then I would refocus myself on the NOW,and enjoy my day.
I don't even recognize it has been 41 days, and I feel like it was just yesterday.

I am so happy
I am stronger
I am positive

I hope I can help out others too
Take care my friends