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Happy New Year Reuniting!

As my 2014 begins, I would like to start off my blog with a huge gratitude to this forum for my freedom from PMO. My journey wasn't perfect, and I still had a few relapses - and I am learning from each relapse I get into.

First up - I am proud to say that I am in a relationship right now. It is a long distance relationship so Karezza is not yet tried, and I am now able to understand the importance of a relationship in rehabilitating oneself from PMO addiction. I think the impact of relationship to the addiction is that we are inspired to better ourselves from who we were. Our partners encourage to accept our flaws the way they accepted us. My boyfriend knows my past struggles and accepted me for who I am. That is what we need ACCEPTANCE from our past enabling us to move forward. My boyfriend constantly reminds me that holding onto the past will not help me reach the goals I wish to achieve.

Second - I apologize for not being able to share how my journey to rebalancing was. I have my own personal issues needing to be sorted out. Hoping I can make it up this year to help others.

Thank you everyone!
Stay strong,
Stay happy
Stay in LOVE


Thanks Marnia.

I am really happy I am in a special relationship right now. But I have to admit, I still have insecure moments and tend to un-Love myself when I remember my addiction episodes. I am ashamed of what I did feeling "Dirty/Bad" but my boyfriend is always there to remind me that my past is not important anymore. He has helped me cope up with my stresses.

There are still insecure moments that urge me to go back to my PMO episodes, usually when we have petty fights, but then again, I have to remind myself that I am stronger than I was. And that I am enjoying an amazing life today, and a bright future awaits me.

Will stay in touch to help others, I think it gives me a sense of strength when I know I am able to help others. Still sorting my issues of trying to please others. But I know I will get better each day.

Thanks a lot