A MUST TRY TRIAL for REHABILITATION! - Worked well for me!

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Hi everyone!

Today's my rest day from work, so after the laundry, preparing of food and all that is to be done today, I am now ready for my sharing of insights for the past 2 weeks that I was adjusting.

Here was my strategy. I have shared this on my blog a few days back, and I would like to specify more about it.

1. Starting my day with Gratitude
I would say, Thank You God for a good night's rest. I would recite a lot of Thank you's from having a nice bed, to good weather, to delicious food, everything I have I give thanks.

2.Because I was able to count my blessings, I would feel so much abundance that I would feel good.

3. When faced with anxiety, I remind myself to see it in an OPTIMISTIC approach
e.g If i have colleagues who constantly complain, I would say to myself "Thank You God for people who complain, because I am reminded that I have an abundant life and that I have blessings"
If I miss my ex-boyfriend and have sexual thoughts, I would say to myself "Thank You God for my happy memory with him, and for the strength to accept that we cannot be together" or "Thank you God for letting him into my life for quite some time because I am now a stronger, more mature and that our experience had great lessons to learn from"
If I feel horny and wanting to start touching myself I would say to myself "Thank you God for the temptations because it is the test of my strength for rehabilitation"

4. When you are reminded of your blessings, and the good things, you would feel good about yourself. Thus you don't go into depression, etc.

ANd always end your day with your being thankful for a happy day that has ended, and you will look forward positively for another happy day.

It worked for me. to deliberately count the positive blessings, and being grateful for it.

I am happier
I am stronger
I am Rehabilitated

Stay happy
Stay positive
and Stay Stronger my friends


It's true that gratitude

actually changes your brain chemistry for the better, and that changes your perception of your entire life. Still, eventually healthy connection with real people furnishes even more of what your brain is looking for to feel whole.

Take your time

Just know that self-sufficiency may not actually be what our brains evolved for. (Not saying that's your goal, but I like to remind people of the awkward truth.;-) )

You are right!

Its not about being self-sufficient that I want to happen to me, it is just that I lost communication with myself when I lost everything. I never got the chance to really get to know myself and know what I really want.
I know I can find a partner in no time when I am ready, it is just that it would be unfair for the guy, if I am wanting and loving him for other reasons, and not as a whole.

I do want to have someone to share my life with, but I want myself to be whole in order for me to be able to accept my partner as a whole as well. To begin to love and accept myself for me would be the key to easily accept and love my partner (soon to be) as well.