New Environment, New Life, A Happier One

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Hello Everyone!

Two weeks of adjustment to a new environment, looking for internet, and have been busy with the moving, work and all that was waiting for me when I arrived here!

I am happy and thankful to announce that I am exactly 32 days of PMO free life! It was an easy month, although with some anxious times, and temptations, I am now a stronger and more optimistic person! Due to my busy schedules, I wasn't able to write on a journal my Rehabilitation journey on a daily basis, however, I was able to log one entry. And here it is:

The Big Move, Adjustments, and Letting Go to Start Anew!

Hello Everyone

It's been weeks since my last visit. And I have been really busy with the flights, transfers and settling down. No PMO episodes so far, but I noticed however that when I am so tired and feeling stressed/anxious, my thoughts about sexual moments with my ex-boyfriend comes to my mind. And gladly, I am now able to divert myself into thinking the blessings of a new job, new friends and people who I meet and that these thoughts often appear when it's time for me to go to sleep.

The past few days, have been really a challenge to my optimism since I have the tendency to expect from people respect to the common grounds in the place where I am living now. I share a room with a coworker, who is such a very great friend. However, the entire apartment we share with 6 others as well. I expect them to be respectful in a sense that they do their own cooking, laundry, etc, and clean afterwards. Because I have the "CLEAN AS YOU GO" mantra. Been a tough week not to be swayed by negative incidents to go negative and go on bad temper.

I had several attempts to self-Karezza, and it was not that long moments. I just get a few minutes of tuning into my body, but due to the busy and unscheduled activities I can't have the time luxury yet.

Officially I am 27 days PMO-free and Rehabilitated, but with a few sudden mental thoughts of lovemaking. Happily I am able to divert my mental focus to OPTIMISM and the counting of blessings.

TOO SLEEPY that I can't continue.
Til the next time!


that was the entry I wrote on my journal.

And while I was looking forward to my blogging online tonight, I have discovered something, although I have observed this new cycle to Rehabilitation, and I found it so far to be effective, but I need the help of our Reuniting family if they can try to practice this new cycle too. Sort of study.

Here is what I have been practicing since my counting my blessings

Counting my blessings (Thinking positive and being grateful) ----> ANXIETY/STRESS/WORRIES-------> Reminding myself the blessings of each Anxiety/Stress/Worries-----> Happier Mood

more specifically

Every morning from the time I wake up, I say THANK YOU for my health, food, friends, family, everything positive I say thank you.
Then when I get to encounter negative people I say to myself "Thank You for being negative,because you remind me to stay strong and positive. And when I do that I feel better. The more I am able to count my blessings and being grateful for my blessings, I become happier, and in lighter mood. I also feel good about myself.

In my addiction case, I say to myself, Thank you for my temptations because I now know that I am stronger, and more focused and healed person.

I hope this cycle will really help others too.

Updates soon!!!

I am Happy
I am Strong
I am Rehabilitated
I am Optimistic


Great update!

Big changes like moving to a different place are always great opportunities to change also inside. And with all the diversions that moving out imply it is also easier to let go past worries and anxieties. Today I have been thinking about going to Italy the whole following Christmas and I'll probably do it. I just need one Christmas far away from my family (I love them but I just need a change).

Your attitude towards negative people is also very interesting and admirable. They tend to get on my nerves and there are some of them where I work. I tend to avoid them but sometimes I can't and, though I'm always quite polite and correct, deep down inside I'm angry. Sometimes I try to do my work better taking them as the example of what I should never do and making me realize that I'm not like them at all, but perhaps my reaction has got an angrier and gutsier edge than yours... Perhaps this is something I should think about and work on.


hi everyone!

I had a long tiring day so I won't be logging in some insights i had for the past two weeks or so when I was not online. Anyways, I hope what works for me works for everyone else as well. OPTIMISM is really a healthy way to go.

I found it rather funny that Marnia is asking me if there are any cute guys around. There are, but not really into that. I am still in my self rehabilitation from addiction etc. etc. etc.

updates soon