So far so good!

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Hi everyone!

Well like my blog title says, So Far So Good.
I have been on my Rebooting, I don't count the how long it was, but since it is not that long ago, I can remember it is almost a week now.

I feel so positive about what is going on with my Recovery. I think I give the most credit to my being positive and from the support of people here in REUNITING. I feel that anxieties are brought about by pessimism and doubt to self, thus we relapse. That is why, I would like to report my blog entries in a positive light. To inspire others, and to inspire myself more.

I have talked to my cybersex partner earlier, and I opened up to him that we stop doing so, he has tried to tempt me about relapsing, but I think I have influenced him more to try Karezza. I hope he finds it on the same light as I did.

I am so happy to announce that despite my anxieties, I divert my focus onto the positive aspects of my life. From simple blessings of having slept well the night before, or that I had a good morning ahead. By refocusing on good things and blessings, we get to forget our focus on our anxieties, thus our positive energies are keeping us happier and more in love about life and ourselves more. And the more we refocus on the good things, we feel good about ourselves, things happening, and we attract positive vibes.

That is why I am blogging on a happier note so that I can inspire everyone here to be happy. Start our days with a smile. Being thankful and being focused on the happy thoughts. It is easy.

I will also keep everyone posted on my recovery, and with happiness on each blog so that I hope my happiness and positive vibes can reverberate in this community.

We are all healed and recovered in this community.

Thank you Everyone!


Is it possible?

HI Marnia!

I assume that you are one of the counselors here in Reuniting ( I hope my assumption is right).
Is it possible that while I undergo Recovery that I might be one of the counselors here as well?
Or would you advice that I finish my Recovery before I become one of the counselors here.
I know I am still young and have a long way to go, but I hope that I can really help with my others like me.

Thank you


everyone here is a counselor. Just keep jumping in with your insights. It's what we all do here. Smile I am your hostess, but I don't consider myself special in terms of counseling. I think groups are wiser than individuals.


Thank you Marnia!

You are right, groups are wiser than an individual, especially if we share same problems, and brainstorming into a more positive and effective way to Recover, is a good way to go. We are all unique and being able to see solutions in different perspectives makes us choose what is best for us.

Is it okey if I suggest some pointers from books or self help which I found effective?