Still on Track! Positive Vibes for Everyone!

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Hello Everyone!

Good day! And smiles and hugs for you all!

I am doing great with everything on my rehabilitation. I have finished my 28-day course about counting my blessings, and I am so proud and happy that I did it with flying colors. My counting of blessings has kept me on a positive perspective in life. Letting me able to let go of my past, not be too much fantasizing about the future, but am making steps to a healthier, successful and grown me.

I want to help others out by sharing my positive energies. Seeing that there are frustrations around the forum, and I sometimes feel frustrated in a sense that my blogs have not inspired others. I thank some who sent me Private messages to ask me about stuff.
I know I don't know much about psychology, relationships, and sex,but one thing I know now is that a positive perspective in life will really help us grow.

Maybe next week I can really come up with a nice blog to help out others.
I have a lot going on to blog about but I cant seem to compose them into a complete blog.

Stay positive
Stay grateful
Stay happy my dear friends