Week 1 and hardly noticed it!

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Hello hello hello Reuniting!

Funny that I declared Week 1 when I advice everyone here to not count the days passed so that our brains aren't into anxiety on how long our journey to Recovery has been, thus frustrations on our disappointed expectations arise.

My official week 1 ran smoothly. Aside from the fact, that I have been busy with other activities that are positive and ego-boosting such us learning the art of Gratitude (which by the way is a very effective way to stay Optimistic), I really had no evident PMO cravings. The nearest temptation that I had is just the thought that I miss my ex bf, and I want to be with him and with just that thought, my brains ran wild of imaginations of different ways of having sex! I immediately did my kegel exercise, and refocused my brains on counting one's blessings and staying positive, diverting my attention to present situation and not into the fantasies that are just the figments of our addicted minds.

I am so happy that there are members here in Reuniting that are accepting of my methods! And I feel so happy and blessed to be able to help others one way or another! Thank you for the trust in my opinions! Rest assured I will continue to inspire others as we take on our journey to a full Recovery! We can do this!

My brain is so running wild with ideas as to how we all can RECOVER, that I can't put them altogether, so I might as well type one that is really on my top of my brain right now!

RECOVERY is a HOLISTIC exercise. That means, that to be able to fully RECOVER, we must know not only about our addiction, but also ourselves. It is not just as plain as simple that in able to Recover, we must abstain from it for 90 days or whatever it is we think is best for us. I think our recovery, aside from abstinence from our addiction, we must also do some get to know ourselves. To dig deep on our personality, what makes us happy, what makes us sad, what annoys us, what our anxieties are, what are our insecurities, so on and so forth. This is the most difficult of our process since we are able to discover some things about ourselves that we can say are utterly unacceptable to us, yet we are doing it! Like our addiction - we realize that what we are doing are unacceptable behaviors, thus we begin to hate ourselves, feel guilty, etc, then cycle of our addiction goes on and on and on. We RELAPSE! So the better approach is the HOLISTIC, to heal our selves from our past by acceptance and loving ourselves. Thinking positive and being grateful for our blessings - also gives room for the acceptance and loving ourselves. And the abstinence.

I have yet to expound on the three things, I think I already gave a few insights about on my previous blogs, feel free to scan about them,.

Stay Positive
Count your blessings
Love love love yourself!
Start your day with a smile - laugh even!
And your day will be bright!



I will check the page out when I have full time on it.
I was able to skim through, and amazingly I found some topic discussions, already in my practice!
I'll keep everyone posted on my Recovery
And I am feeling great!

Stay happy
Stay positive
Keep on Loving!

Updates soon!

I should be back on my journal now!