Wishing everyone Happiest Christmas and a Recovered New Year to All!

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Hi Everyone

I just would like to tell everyone that OPTIMISM can change a whole lot the way you see things.
I am having a depressing time on Reuniting when all the blog posts are stories of Edging, Relapse and all those Negativity.
Negative vibes is so infectious around that I feel like I don't like to go in much often here in Reuniting.
No offense to dearest Marnia who is so supportive of everyone, and I would like to be supportive to everyone as well, but too much pessimism around sometimes gets into my nerves, that I have to take time off away from this site just to recoup with Optimistic energy.

I hope and pray that everyone who is trying to Recover what I am getting at, those who Recovered fully understand me.


Happy Christmas
and a
Recovered New Year for all