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Day 6 Busy!

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Alright so I'm into my 6th day.

I've been so busy with school work this week that I haven't really had time to even think about masturbating or sexual imagery for that matter. Thoughts have crept in but I've managed to keep them at bay because of all the business. Even after I get done with my homework I usually end up on the phone with my lady friend up north and that lasts until I go to sleep.

Back into day 2

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Okay temptation has been pretty absent. I had a really busy weekend though. I'm trying to study abroad in London for the fall Semester and the orientation was yesterday. Later on I went to a show with my sister and a friend. Today has been pretty uneventful however. No homework. Finished all my reading so I've been kind of lazing around. It's not bad though I've been wanting a day to just chill. The shame from the relapse has passed so I just have to stay on track.

31 Gigabytes of Porn deleted

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I can't believe I had that much on my computer. I caved in today. I jerked off and I feel ashamed. I know I don't know anyone on this blog but I'm using it because of the accountability factor. I could re-read these journal entries and watch my moods rise and lower. I was on a good road for a few days but just couldn't handle it today.

So. I deleted the porn off my computer and am adding a porn blocker. The strange thing is that even though I masturbated my nuts still feel sore. I was tempted to go for round two but I decided to write in here instead.

Halfway through Day three

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Good lord I've been horny all day. I meant to write last night but just as I was about type up the post I got a call from a friend and ended up talking for way too long. So I put it off until today. Yesterday was pretty similar to how today is going so I'll just explain what's going on today.