Back into day 2

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Okay temptation has been pretty absent. I had a really busy weekend though. I'm trying to study abroad in London for the fall Semester and the orientation was yesterday. Later on I went to a show with my sister and a friend. Today has been pretty uneventful however. No homework. Finished all my reading so I've been kind of lazing around. It's not bad though I've been wanting a day to just chill. The shame from the relapse has passed so I just have to stay on track.

I did clean myself up a bit today. I cut my hair and got rid of my beard. I feel like less of a slob. I don't really know what else to report. It just feels good to be getting back on track.


Good luck

with the London plans.

A day to chill can be heaven.

Sounds like you're back on track.

BTW, I looked up Alaskan bullworm pics. Eerie creatures.

I'm really hoping it works

I'm really hoping it works out too. I think it can be enlightening to see a different culture from this American one. Oh, and the Alaskan bullworm thing is actually a reference to Spongebob haha.