Day 6 Busy!

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Alright so I'm into my 6th day.

I've been so busy with school work this week that I haven't really had time to even think about masturbating or sexual imagery for that matter. Thoughts have crept in but I've managed to keep them at bay because of all the business. Even after I get done with my homework I usually end up on the phone with my lady friend up north and that lasts until I go to sleep.

The progress that I've noticed is that erections do occur randomly without stimulation. They're not rock hard but then again it's not like I'm trying to make them that way at the moment. I think I'm starting to realize I'm more so addicted to having an orgasm. The tool I happened to use to get the job done was porn. I'm not justifying porn usage nor am I saying I wasn't addicted to porn. I definitely had an unhealthy need for porn but I don't feel a need to look at it. I do occasionally want to have an orgasm though.

The months ahead, hell this year is going to be very busy for me which is good. The lady friend should be coming to my state for a visit during the Spring Break. Then this summer I'll be heading out to see her. In the Fall I will hopefully be studying philosophy and British life and culture in London.

This year is going to be a great year. Maybe even life changing.