Halfway through Day three

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Good lord I've been horny all day. I meant to write last night but just as I was about type up the post I got a call from a friend and ended up talking for way too long. So I put it off until today. Yesterday was pretty similar to how today is going so I'll just explain what's going on today.

I attended my other classes for school today. It was my first day in Psychology and Political Science. During the entirety of both classes I was struggling when it came to being focused. The thought of just having sex was rampant on my mind. It's not so much having an orgasm that's driving me mad but the intimacy that's desirable. As I said in my introduction I do have a prospect for a relationship but even so the physical intimacy is low because she lives a state away.

We used to live close to each other but she moved with her folks to Washington for school and I ended up down in California. We talk on a regular basis and I feel it's meaningful conversation. I don't think I've ever connected so well with anyone in my entire life. While I've been talking to her my sexual drive has been relatively low (probably due to all the PMO.) But even after just a few days without looking at anything I talk to her on the phone and she is just so much more desirable.

I don't usually have the desire to want to be close to someone but as I have not so much as even touched myself in the last three days my penis is quite sensitive. I'm trying to keep my mind busy and it's going to be easier now that I have all this assigned reading in school.

The thought of making love to this woman is beautiful to me. I think our conversation is becoming a lot more flirtatious and although I'm only a short way into rebooting (for the second time in my life) my mood is improving. The lack of focus isn't necessarily negative. The thoughts aren't stressful I'm just deeply attracted to this woman.

The blue balls are still present. I did some cardiovascular exercises yesterday and will be doing the same today. I'll probably be upping the intensity a bit though. That's really all I have to report.


It will get better (eventually) :-)

If you have money, or can do a trade, get a therapeutic massage. Try not to fantasize about connecting with her as it just sends the dopamine soaring. When you flirt, though, do it with gusto! Then put the matter back on the shelf. Otherwise you'll drive yourself nuts.Wacko

Also, cold water can really relieve the BBs. Cold water technique