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Day 9- How Much Longer Can I Keep This Up?

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I realize it's been a long time since I've posted here. For a long while I just lost my commitment to no PMO, holding out for 4-7 days at a time at most, though usually beating off at least once a day. But now I'm ready to re-commit, with my initial goal being no PMO for 30 days. I'm already ~1/3rd of the way there, so that's pretty encouraging :)

Day 2- Possible Chaser Effect

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So, the good news is I've been getting some pretty rock-hard erections rather easily, definitely moreso than usual. The bad news is I have the same itch to masturbate now on day 2 of my reboot as I had when I relapsed on day 6-7 a couple weeks ago.

Ionno, it just feels like I regain sensitivity, and even light rubbing feels so damn good that the temptation is intense to masturbate. I might have to start relying on cold water to ease the tension.

I just played 2 hours of basketball, which seems to have helped.

Day 0- Monster Relapse

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I pretty much lost it for a while, I'd say a good 2 weeks worth of constant internet use, masturbation, porn, all my old habits hitting at once. I'm ready to restart now, already meditated a few minutes ago for 15 minutes, currently cooking some vegetables. Better yet, I'm selling my xbox 360 on craigslist, though I was only using it to watch DVDs. I'll probably focus this week on catching up in school since I'm 2-3 weeks behind.

Day 4- Being Sick Blows

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I've had a bad stroke of luck recently. Not only have I lost my car due to an accident (it's my main mode of transportation), I've also developed a cold. I've already missed 3 straight days of school, and binged on youtube and other banned sites (not porn though). I'm also horny as hell after my day 7 relapse, even a single orgasm can really trigger that chaser effect!