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More of the Same

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We are going through a rough patch, rather I am. He is right there with me though. Sex has come to a complete halt because some switch just got turned off in me. Usually I find that around the time of my cycle, my sex drive steeply increases. This past time however, it has been completely different. I feel completely dead. All of a sudden I am always tired. I can't really focus on anything (except work) and sex just feels impossible.

I Don't Know What Happened

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I realize that I have a lot of anxiety so I apologize for that...

Anyways, something has changed and I feel sick and troubled by it. Things were great, wonderful even. And then they weren't. Both of our attitudes completely shifted away from the positive place we had been. The past few weeks we had been so happy on our new journey and completely in union with each other.

Defining Intimacy

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Apologies for the length of just feels good to get things out.

I have been having a slow revelation over these past weeks. While perhaps painfully obvious, I have recently begun to understand that intimacy is not a linear thing. Even after Greg and I had begun on this path of Karezza, I failed to notice that I was still applying a process to intimacy. In my head, the word had become defined as this vague idea of closeness. I told myself that there were things to do and steps to follow, in order to achieve this with Greg.

The First Weeks

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I'm afraid I don't know where to start here. It could be useful to know how Greg and I wound up in this situation. I apologize for the length in advance.

I'm 25 and have a fantastic career and have been with my partner a bit over a year now. Though we have always had a wonderful relationship, it has been complicated by sex. In my childhood I experienced a high degree of sexual trauma that I did not acknowledge out loud for the greater portion of my life. My first few attempts at dating were disasters.