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About four days ago I slept with a girl. I was going to keep the counter going.

I just saw her and we foreplayed for like an hour straight. We didn't have sex. This left me with blue balls. after she left I tricked myself by pretending I slept with her and masturbated.

I am going to start over and this time I am going to go 90 days. I am very disappointed with myself and it has made me re evaluate my current priorities. I need some time to myself again and plan on staying away from women for a while.

90 Days here I come!


Very true, its just the

Very true, its just the quality of the interaction was horrible. I felt like she used me to satisfy her ego. if I find a quality partner that can respect boundaries, I would love the interaction. To be honest, I don't even want to be tempted. I am going to treat myself to a weekly massage from a massage therapist. The temptation is just too strong for me. Now that I am attracting girls, I want to attract quality.