Day 14-The Stares

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I always catch a head cold whenever I have to start again lol.

Been feeling good again, really motivated. I still get the off days. They used to last for a whole day but now its just a couple of hours. I just get my butt up and hang with some friends and it goes away.

I love this part of the reboot-the stares. Everywhere I go, people are staring at me.

Young men fear you, older men respect you, and women adore you.

When it started happening again, I was tripping out then I thumbed through my old journals entries and remembered. Even though I was no watching porn I was still masturbating till the point where it became routine. That's the point of this reboot for me, this time around. To stop the routine once and for all.

This entire process has made me a lot more mature. I cut a lot of B.S. people out my life. Its easier to quit smoking. My dreams are vivid and exciting. I also want to court.

If you read my first couple of blog posts, I became a hookup machine. Right now, I am honestly thinking about a long term mate. I'm just enjoying being myself so much right now. We shall see....

The benefits of keeping your seed is too amazing.