Day 22-The Best Technique Ive Found So Far

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This is the best technique I've found so far that stops the depression, anxiety, and fatigue when rebooting. Its called the "EFT Sore Spot"

You simply find the sore spot on your chest (pec) and rub it in a circular motion for a minute.

It is part of the Emotional Freedom Techinque System (EFT). I used to do it daily like crack but then stopped because it was super time consuming lol.

I was having a horribly groggy day today and I decided to walk by a lake and relax for a bit. I kept beating myself up because I was confused on whether or not I want to engage in a cuddle buddy relationship with a girl or not (never works for me because we always end up having sex or someone catches feelings).

But I was still craving some kind of soothing touch. So I decided to massage my pec muscles (the technique i learned from EFT).

I rubbed it for a minute and almost did a back flip WOOOOWWW I feel a lot better. I feel like superman again.

Here is a video on how to do it:

Here is some research as to why it works:

I know it might sound crazy....but....
Try it out and let me know how it goes!


I work out a lot

My muscles get really good relief after I use my high density foam roller. I also use a TheraCane which is a flexible, unbreakable cane with two handle bars and a bunch deep pressure ball-tips that would help you release trigger points very well. I ordered my foam roller and TheraCane for around 15 bucks each. I highly recommend stretching in conjunction with foam rolling and trigger point therapy. Best thing next to a real massage, and you can actually get into some knots way better than a massage therapist because you know your own body best.

Some links...

Here is a link to a reasonably priced quality foam roller:

There are a lot of YouTube videos demonstrating how to use one.

Here is a link for the TheraCane:

They're a little more expensive than I got mine for... best prices I could currently find... but still totally worth it. The foam roller gives more broad, general-area massage and the TheraCane is your best friend if you want to really dig in, and you can even give yourself thoracic spine adjustments when you place it in the right spot and bend backward over it. Even at $35 it's worth every penny.