Day 25-Time To Man The F*ck Up

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"Life is a challenge. As a man your mission is to make it your bitch."

Read that again. One more time.

If that sentence does not wake you up....I don't know what will. Your genes deserve to be weeded out.

I'm glad I cut the porn and masturbation out of my life. It's time to become a super man.

check this out too-

If you reading this, man up. Man up. MAN UP.

Let's stop crying about how hard this is and blah blah blah. We made a mistake, got addicted to porn, now its time to man up and keep it going.

It's time for me to step into my greatness.


Are you serious?

Are you serious?

Congratulations you managed to read an article about one of the most delusional, key-jocky people out there.

Seriously man up and stop reading stupid stuff like that........